Kiki: Potato Chips SUBBED

wtf that was fast O_o thank you!
You are a legend mate.
Been a while since there's been a new Kiki subbed. Thanks.
is the file corrupted? i cant play the whole video, it stops withing 10 to 15 seconds and closes my player. btw im using VLC and divx+
It appears there's quite the influx of downloaders as it says that you've no resources left to let me download. Will thank you anyway even without seeing this.
Can you guys check if you get the same message in the morning? If you do, I will re-upload once more so you can download it.
It worked fine for me earlier. Deflow, I used the latest Media Player Classic in the CCCP pack with no problems. An older version didn't show the subtitles. Not sure on VLC, etc. Might need to check to see if you've got the latest updates for that, if that isn't it, try the CCC pack at
Thanks for the subs!
Unfortunately I'm getting an error from mediafire, apparently too many downloads I guess.
"Temporarily Unavailable

This file is temporarily unavailable because there are no resources available under the owner’s account."
This episode was great as expected. Laughed many times. :D
Ok guys, it should be ok now to download. Please try again and sorry for the inconvenience! :)
Some alternate download links:

Hope this is ok. Didn't ask you before mickstar! Sorry! Only uploaded for this forum. Should be online at least for 30 days.
Alright, the original link worked today. It was good, pity they didn't manage to get a good chain going, but you can't always succeed. Thanks again for the translation.
Thank you for your hard work mickstar!

Delli Dellmeier wrote:
wtf that was fast O_o thank you!

You should see him on our subbing team :D ahahaha
New kiki, awesome. Thanks for the subs!