Kiki: Potato Chips SUBBED

Subbed now for you guys. :)

I will be working on the Batsu Game from today/tomorrow for a while but for the time being, enjoy this. :)

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Thank you!
Thank you! Could you perhaps add the word ''Subbed'' to the thread title for those (like me) too lazy to check out the thread. :)
Great job!
Nice one!
Awesome! Thanks so much in taking time to sub this. Its really appreciated.

By the way to make it easier for you (so you dont have to type SUBBED each time), you can add a coloured Subbed tag to your threads by using the "Subject Prefix" dropdown (under where you type the Title Thread in). You should see it when you Edit one of your own threads or when making a new thread.

Thanks again!
Amazing! My favorite series!
I love you! :)
Thank you :D.
There's just one major mistake that occurs now and then : The prize money is 10万円(100.000), not 10.000 :)
Nevertheless, very good subs :clap:
Finally someone subbing these again! Thanks!
Thanks for doing this!

Only one small suggestion for future videos is perhaps make the subtitles slightly bigger?

It's no big issue though I just had to grab my glasses to watch it :lol:
Bah already taken down D;
New link has been edited into original post. Just in case, it's this one.
Thanks, keep up the good work!
thanks you !

i haven't seen a new kiki episode since a while !