Veoh files Chapter 7 for bankruptcy!!!

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Nooooooooooo! I haven't even mentally prepared myself to download the veoh files yet! And it's too late!


Uhm ... Veoh is online again.
Absolutely nothing has changed. Nothing at all.

I'm confused.

As expected, somebody else finally takes over Veoh since there is still a good share of visitors to the site. The former owner just lost a lot of money that suppose to be for maintaining the site to the copyright lawsuit, which Veoh actually wins.

Though, its policies will change a lot, that's for sure. Stay tuned.

There's a change - Link to Qlipso :shifty:


Welcome back VEOH!!

No, alfred_49, the Qlipso Button was already there. I think since ... yesterday? Or 2 days ago? Something like that.

Ahh, ok, didn't know - it is new for me :huh:

I hope the site doesn't change too much under new ownership. Just as long as I can still get my Kagaku-kun...

It's quite slow now, since I couldn't find any of the 975 and below episodes of GNT on either active torrents on d-addicts or hosting websites. I started downloading them on Veoh with the web player but I have 3 that was getting and there stuck on 99 percent -_-

Is it just me or is Veoh down again? D:
captainfalcon wrote:
Is it just me or is Veoh down again? D:

Hi everybody,

You can see same topic at the side bar of this site. You can find out some thing same your questions or use search box or this site.

We also find them more same at: Bankruptcy chapter 7
Best rgs
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