Gaki-No-Tsukai Big Update

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Hello fellow community members,

In the following days or weeks I am going to update the forum completely and move to our own server. As you can see we are already on the new server.
The forum runs now on the latest version of phpBB and I am going to use the ComBoot design by Florian Gareis as the base for the new design.

The modifications like "Top 5", "Thanks" and others will be added shortly.

I hope everyone will be pleased by the changes.

Your Admin! :bow:
Good luck!
everything looks so sad...
Best of luck, looking forward the next evolution of the fanbase :D
I surfed over and had a minor panic attack thinking something had happened to the site, lol. I was about to start looking to where I needed to donate!!!
Thank you very much. No need for donations. I just need to give the site the Gaki style it needs and the usual modifications :)
Great! I hope progress goes well!
I hope this layout is only temporary... because it is absolutely, well, let's just say "bad". That's the nicest way I can put it.
Ap2000 wrote:
I hope this layout is only temporary... because it is absolutely, well, let's just say "bad". That's the nicest way I can put it.

This. :puke:
I don't really like the new style either. It's very in your face with too much colours; it's hard to read discussions now.
Whoa. I'm not diggin this new layout.
The large scrolling top and bottom bars make things feel kind of cramped on my widescreen monitor heh. The colour also kind of stands out a bit too much since the focus is more on the content.

Would be nice if the Quick Reply is auto-expanded, don't personally use the full reply that much.
You may have to get an addon like Advanced Quick Reply to get the emoticons etc. back.

I think a simpler background might be better for reading thread titles etc. on, the current background could be made into a banner to replace the ComBoot Free banner.

By the way if the forums are getting a clean-up, how about moving all the different Gaki sections into a "Gaki Themes" area and having "General Gaki" by itself so people can find new episode or subbed episode threads easier? A lot of those individual sections don't get used much and you have to scroll past them all before the main Gaki section.

Anyway change is always aaagh but at the same time I can understand why there may have needed to be an upgrade since old forum systems can have security issues.
Just give me some time. I added the background and the yellow colors after the comment that everything looks sad. The whole design will be based on this design: ... me=default

I will remove the colors and background again. Adding the modifications is not so easy as I have to do all mod templates from scratch.

I think I have to create a development forum where I can test all stuff first.
Is the "last post" changeable, so that you can see in what topic the latest post was? Seeing which user has done it isn't really that helpfull if you don't know which topic it was in.

Also, I don't really mind the background...if there weren't all those spaces between the post's, and all the stuff at the top and bottom (next page, quick reply etc.) If you were able to remove those spaces where the background comes through, keeping it wouldn't be an issue I think.

Oh and having the bar at the top of a post as an indicator for new/unread post's in a topic isn't the best either, at least with the current colours. I actually thought there was no more indicator for the post's that were new until I tested it, so you might want to make the colours less similar than that really light blue/teal and darker blue, since they blend in too well with the background.
Erhan wrote:
I added the background and the yellow colors after the comment that everything looks sad.

True when I first arrived it was all bland and white, so adding colour is definitely a good idea. At the same time I think the previous forum design managed to be colourful without being busy. I think it had a few select colours as a scheme throughout.

The issue with the background is that there is such a variety of colours that things get lost. So the white gets lost in the white clouds, the black text outlines get lost on the black illustration outlines, the blue text or boxes get lost on the blue sky etc. It makes the job tougher for you to get things to stand out I think.

Also the floating top / bottom nav really doesn't play nice with my 16:9 monitor, takes up a lot of space.