Gaki-No-Tsukai Big Update

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||---PEGO---|| wrote:
the "?? emoticon code fail ?" rank was a joke from one of the oldest creators of this forum. She asked waht special rank i wanted, but i replied "emoticon code fail" to someone else in the chat... and that became my rank ... What a Curse...(i recall it was a she, not 100% sure though, it has been 5 years ...)

Oh haha I see, I couldn't remember what your rank was before, sorry about that. :$
You can try to change the color for the Folders on the right of every subforum to YELLOW. Let us see how that looks; perhaps more like gaki colors.

Also, concerning the background, maybe you can put small gaki logos or faces of the GNT crew with their names. Do that if you think the background is too boring.
A pure bright yellow by itself might not stand out as well on white, but the Gaki star that I think was there before did stand out OK by being outlined etc.

For the background, if graphics are put at 50% transparency or something over the blue it may blend in.
Thank you very much for your hard work admin! :bow:
I will transfer the domain in the next step. It might be possible that the forum goes offline due to DNS related stuff during the transfer.
Erhan wrote:
I will transfer the domain in the next step. It might be possible that the forum goes offline due to DNS related stuff during the transfer.

Thanks for the heads up! Best of luck with the switch. :bow:
The domain is transferred and the DNS settings are updating. Registration might have problems due to the missing mail server.
soudou wrote:
A pure bright yellow by itself might not stand out as well on white.

I ment to put yellow in the little white folder icon inside the blue square.
I will actually only use the old gaki stars from the old forum.

Edit: Email and registration is also working again.
WOW, the website is looking great! :nod:
Hello y'all, I was gone for a while, and came back to this great surprise! :o whats up with the update?
Hey Erhan, thanks for all your hard work. :bow:

If it's OK to ask, I was just wondering about some things. I'm sure you're super busy though so there's no rush.

- Is the Latest Posts box and Thanks function playing nice with the new forum? Do you think there'll be a problem getting them back? I hope it won't give you too much trouble.

- Would it be possible to move the Gaki sub-forums to their own Sub-Series section? I think the main/general Gaki section gets a lot of use but the list of sub-forums are the focus when you first click into it.

- Would it be possible to make the top banner smaller so as to bring focus on the forum content? Maybe something like this?


Here's just the top banner edited in that manner if it's to your liking:

But sincerely thanks so much as always for providing this great platform, hope you're having a good 2016 so far. :bow:

[EDIT] Also I just noticed you currently have 666 posts haha :devil:
The version of the theme I used is missing some elements which are needed to work with the modifications. The author released already a new version which should be compatible but I have to base everything from the new style again.

I guess you mean I should make it an own category, right?

Good idea actually with the logo!
Oh that's good news about the addons, best of luck with it, I look forward to seeing the latest episode thread popping up on top and then thanking Ernie for uploading it :rofl:

Yeah I was thinking if general Gaki was by itself then the list of sub-sections wouldn't be on-top of it when you visit.

Ah, I'm very glad you liked it and that I could help in some way.

Thanks again. :bow:
Hey, not sure if this is the right thread for it but the search feature also seems to be broken in terms of viewing pages. The 'next' and 'previous' buttons show up as and are unclickable:


As opposed to regular threads:


This might already be getting fixed along with other things, so if that's the case, ignore me!
Last exam is on 11.03. The design has already a release candidate and hopefuly the author will release the final version when I'm finished, too.