Obachan #3 passes away

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R.I.P Mishiro Akiko san.. (_ _)
I had always wondered about her health, ever since I saw her as a police woman in a No Laughing game. Sad to see her go though, she was excellent.
yeah.. sad news indeed...
She was the source of many laughs and will be missed. ;_;
I'm kinda late on this, but this is sad. =(

At first I wasn't sure who you meant by "Obachan #3", but as soon as I saw the picture I remembered her !
Her hilarious over-the-top acting was sooo funny. I remember her best from Mechaike's Morning Musume special "Okajo" as Yaguchi's mom. haha
i will always miss your hilarious act obachan :(
I'm sure she will be at peace, with foreign country fans like us enjoying her works. RIP
That's sad...RIP
RIP obachan, you were awesome!
I'm going to miss you Obachan!!!!!!
omg R.I.P obachan!! <3 thank you so much for the laughs :(
Don't let the demons get you.They got me!Image
Oh man, that sucks. :(..... I honestly only remember this one from one skit though, but I loved it. The High School episode, where the two Obaachans are cops.

RIP Obaachan. :(
so sad.. memories of her and the laughter she has brought to us will always live on...
65 posts Page 3 of 5

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