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Posted: 05.07.2010, 15:45
by magus10
Went to check how many members there are right now, 10010. It's great that people around the world love this show. Thanks to everyone who makes this forum great admins, subbers, fellow fans. May there be much more Gaki.

Posted: 05.07.2010, 23:41
by gunners49
Congratulations to the webpage for achieving this milestone. This is a great website and I hope it continues to make great strives in the future.c

Posted: 06.07.2010, 04:26
by iniquiti
Hope ya don't mind me moving this to the Announcement Section.

Posted: 06.07.2010, 16:19
by SpikeBender
So when should we celebrate the site's opening, the 9th? We should at least put up something to acknowledge that the site has been open for a year and we all haven't been assassinated by JTV.

Posted: 06.07.2010, 18:16
by gunners49
I hope this site continues to grow and I hope this gets the attention of the Gaki-No-Tuskai crew. The only thing that worries me is this site being taken down by Big Brother and the hole copyright protection. Other than that, congratulations on number 10,000!

Posted: 07.07.2010, 00:01
by Erhan
I hope so!!

BTW: The kinda offical opening for everyone was on Friday, 04.09.2009.