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Posted: 11.07.2010, 17:56
by DeathLepracaun
I say 8:00 ET on any night.

Posted: 13.07.2010, 05:23
by gunners49
I could play. Sounds like fun!

Posted: 31.07.2010, 02:06
by BNelson
I'm up for sunday, just gimme the time and I'm there. :D

Posted: 16.08.2010, 17:59
by ElvisTek
I want to participate too.. well, it's monday already but i had a lot of time without being logging here....

I saw the first trivia and made it and got 16 correct answer (if i was participating i would have win :unsure:

But anyways.. trivia of the Batsu games are awesome!!! Congratulations for the Winner!!! excellent job dude!!

Tell me when!

I'm From Venezuela