Watching Subtitled Videos On Xbox One

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I just recently got an Xbox One and it can play files from my USB Drive. I wanted to play all the Batsu games for my friends, but almost all of them have .ass subtitle files which are not read by Xbox. I have tried doing the media connect to my computer, but it uses Windows Media Player and I cannot seem to get it to use VLC. I have tried to use Virtualdub and VidCoder to put the subtitles into the videos, but neither of them worked for different reasons. Is there any way to either have the xbox one use VLC to watch subtitled files, have Xbox One read subtitle files when playing videos, or have the subtitles integrated into the video so I can watch it on Xbox One?
Try Avidemux. You may also need a codec pack like K-Lite.
Drag and drop the video onto the Avidemux window.
Change Video Output to something like Mpeg4 (x264). Click Filters > Subtitles. Double click on SSA or whatever, pick the .ass
Audio I think can be left as Copy, if not then MP3 (lame).
Output Format MP4.
Click the far left floppy disk icon at top to save the video.
Thank you. I'll let you know in 15-20 hours when it's done if it worked. I'm doing 2013 enthusiastic teachers first