Loading Subtitle Files

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First off I personally suggest usingVLC media player for playing your media. Some people prefer other players but VLC has always worked best for me and has never failed to play any file type that I needed to play.

Please use the following instructions to play subtitles.

1. Download your video file (.avi .mpg .mp4 etc..)

2. Download the subtitle file (.srt .ass etc..)

3. Place both the subtitle file & the video file in the same folder.

4. Rename the subtitle file so it has the exact same name as the video file.
If the name of the video file is BatsuGame1.avi the name of the subtitle file should be BatsuGame1.ass (.srt etc...)
5. Play the .avi file through VLC media player.

Now that you have your files with the same name, the subtitles files should automatically begin to play with your video. Enjoy the games!

Good tutorial bro :)

recommended for sticky !

since many new ppl don't know how to use the sub files

the steps works also if u just have CCCP. http://www.cccp-project.net/

the media player classic which comes along with the cccp. plays really anything without problems. also if u do the steps above listed, the player plays it with sub.

normal u can also drop the sub file into VLC player and select it via right click etc. but other players cant do it there u have to rename the file. best thing is really to rename the file from begin, because all player will be able to play it with sub. winamp, etc but i personal really recommend the cccp with media player classic to play the videos.

hi all,
can someone upload the batsu vids with the subtitles already included? I'm having trouble combining the two. This will help so much and make life so much easier... especially for those who aren't computer savvy like me? What do you guys think about the idea?
Thanks so much
This is the best site on earth!

The tutorial in this thread gives exact directions on how to play external subtitles. If you explain how you are having issues and I will try my best to help.

Good luck.
Hi HomelessBrian,
Okay, so I was able to download the subtitles and video (newspaper company) following the tutorial, which was very helpful. I burnt it on a cd and the picture quality is perfect... but the subtitles don't show... I used .ass files for the cd... Can you help me out?
Thanks alot,
much appreciated!

So you put the actual .avi and the actual .ass file onto the cd? Like this tutorial explains; are both the .ass and the .avi should be named the same thing.

For example:
newspaper.avi & newspaper.ass

If not its not a big deal you just made it more of a pain in the butt than its needs to be.
If the issue is that they are not named the same thing try this.

Just play the video file in VLC media player. Right click on the video screen, and click on Videos > Subtitles Track > Load File.


Now, select the subtitles file in the browse window and you’re done. VLC will now automatically parse the subtitles and will start showing you them immediately.

Hopefully that fixes your issue. Please let me know if that helped.
Would this work if i'm using DivX player?

divx player will show only subtitle if u have named the ass file and the avi by the same name.

i wrote it already above that all players except VLC have to rename the files to one name. the players will automatic take the sub. they dont have like VLC a function what allows them to simple drop the ass file in while video is running or to load them with a menu. u have to name them by same name.

could i ask how u burned your cd?

1.Download Video file and subtitle file.
2.Put them into a folder as example named with Downtown Gaki no Tsukai Newspaper Agency.
3.give both files same name as example Downtown Gaki no Tsukai Newspaper Agency [640x480].ass for the subtitle. Downtown Gaki no Tsukai Newspaper Agency [640x480].avi for the video file.
4.Now u just start the avi file with winamp or divx player. it will has the sub on it.

i personal recommend to install the CCCP along with the media classic player. divx player dont really run the videos smooth

hey homeless brian,
sorry about responding so late but I have been super busy and miss my gaki! Yes, rightclicking video on vlc player enables you to use subtitles. It's perfect! thanks so much and its so good to be back and watch gaki! Do you know what will be the next completed subtitle track?

I am having problems loading 24 Hour Tag Batsu (1999) 's subtitles.

Here's my VLC Media Player

And it is different from what you posted.
Help please?

Thanks a lot!

u have to go on video track there is subtitle track. u have a newer version of the player.

also u dont need to use right click. look above there is video there u clcik and can find also subtitle track.


I have done that thing and...


none at all =X

tried to drop the sub file into the video while it plays? have u also gave both file the same name? like "Hospital Batsu Game.avi" and the subfile "Hospital Batsu Game.ass

everhtying u need to know is already posted here. just read careful. there are quite some ways to load the sub.

also grab the newest version of vlc player.