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Strange pandora error?

Posted: 14.05.2013, 19:56
by vulpes
I try to view a video on pandora and it gives me this error: "Network is in traffic. Please try again later". But I can play any other video, even those from the front page. Is this video even still up? Can anyone see it? ... d=32690780

Also, can you see a HD video in normal quality? Maybe that's the problem?

Re: Strange pandora error?

Posted: 14.05.2013, 20:24
by soudou
I think I've gotten that error before on a video I could previously watch, just a bug sometimes that later rectifies I think. You can still watch normal quality if there is a HD alternative, HD is only for Premium accounts.
But in the case of this video, the whole channel for that member seems to be empty. It says below the video in English "No Video Uploaded Yet". And on the left "See All" says zero.

Re: Strange pandora error?

Posted: 14.05.2013, 21:23
by vulpes
That's good, I still have hopes to download it then :D

I reached the video through a link in a blog. There must be some sort of privacy settings like on youtube to let only those with a link see the video. That blog links to over 50 videos uploaded by the same user.

Thanks for your help :D