Youtube - video available only in Japan

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Is there any way to download a youtube video that is only available in Japan?

I tried a few sites or programs to change my IP, but they only change it to America or an European county. :(

Is there any way to trick youtube into letting me download the video? Thanks in advance!
if its something cool, put the link :)

Also to get around the blocked countries thing, have you tried proxytube?
It's not all that cool, just a fishing show.

Proxytube gives me this error "Please close the other unblocked video first and refresh the page, to watch this one!". I don't have any other video open, and I don't know what else can I do.
I'm doing it with Google Chrome + Stealthy + Chrome YouTube Downloader 2.6.15

Stealthy options:

Chrome YouTube Downloader adds a download button:
Can you see the video? I changed my location to Japan and I still can't see it. I either did something wrong or it's blocked in Japan too... :(
If you are using Chrome, you can try ExtensionProxy Switchy! extension:
If not, there are surely alternatives for other browsers.