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Trouble With Pandora

Posted: 30.04.2010, 02:12
by MinorInfection
Yes, I can't use Pandora. Just wondering if Pandora's banned in NY/PA area. That's where I live, and just want to know anyone else living in the US is having similar problems with Pandora.

Posted: 30.04.2010, 03:34
by mrbiggs132
Well, if your using FireFOx to watch Pandora, sometimes it won't connect so use IE to watch the videos as it will load and connect faster....

Posted: 30.04.2010, 08:27
by Erhan
The initial connecting takes a bit long here but after that the video loads fast.

Posted: 30.04.2010, 18:41
by ping41
Is there a way to download video off pandora?

Posted: 30.04.2010, 19:12
by alfred_49
maybe with OrbitDownloader - I didn't try it

Posted: 30.04.2010, 22:21
by Erhan
I would be happy if someone could also tell me how to download videos from pandora without just screen ripping it. IDM and Download Helper won't work with pandora.

Posted: 03.05.2010, 15:18
by captainfalcon
Today I tried the "OneClick YouTube Downloader" (not to be confused with "1-Click YouTube Downloader"), which is included in Orbit Downloader I guess, to download videos from Pandora. And it worked! It actually doesn't download the videos, it records them - but not in a screen ripping way! It just concentrates on the video. The recorder doesn't even mind loading-stops, so the finished video is as normal as downloaded.

Posted: 04.05.2010, 03:46
by SpikeBender
I recommend what CaptainFalcon said, it works pretty well. Just keep the video running in the background and go about your business.

Posted: 05.05.2010, 19:44
by Senkun

Posted: 07.05.2010, 06:15
by chobot
Does anyone happen to use a Mac by chance? I haven't found a mac version of that Orbit Downloader. Pandora works only half the time and I haven't seen a new episode since 1001 haha, I need my fix :O