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fifa 2012 pc...
gonna get pes 2012 next.. :smoke:
Red Dead Redemption :P

And Slaughterhouse but the game is crap
I'll go into BF3 right after my exams - in two weeks
I'm stuck in the phase of the addictive Counter Strike and its Source counterpart.
I'm also trying a relatively new game called "Quantum Conflict"
Currently playing Unreal Tournament 3.
Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper. :wasntme: Also Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana.
Arkham City (Riddler challenges taking up way too much of my time). Going back through Mass Effect 2 before 3 comes out...Has anybody here tried Nier? That was probably my favorite surprise of the past couple years...
Gears of War 3 (Still), friend talked me back into EQ2, and Final Fantasy 6 on an emulator on my cell.
I have been playing Heroes of Might and Magiv IV since I got, love it!
Kanzaki wrote:
I'll go into BF3 right after my exams - in two weeks

hey kanzaki, if you will play on PC add me on origin ===> Akiners ;)
If someone else is playing battlefield 3 on PC feel free to add me, if you are from USA or JAPAN we may have some ping problems :lol:
Just ordered Uncharted 3 from Play Asia, even if it gets here this month, I have to wait for my PS3 to arrive in Dec.
Try to play

Rusty Hearts (PC)
Skyrim :inlove:
Final Fantasy Reishiki on PSP!!
Tis awesome!
I've been playing quite a bit of Dark Souls this past month, +115hours. I've beaten the game 2 1/2 times and I got all the points in it, so I feel pretty much done with it. Loved it.
167 posts