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Playin Arma Operation Arrowhead, looking fwd to Homefront and new OFP but Arma all the way
Currently playing:
Yakuza 4 (Bought it the first day it was released in UK and haven't stopped playing since ^^)
Ryu ga Gotoku: Kenzan! (spin off game from the Yakuza series, Japanese import)
Playing Tactics Ogre and Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War.
Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel

Awesome, awesome game.
Playing LA Noire, its ok.
SpikeBender wrote:
Playing LA Noire, its ok.

I've been playing it too. I think its great, I'm really enjoying it.
I'm playing "NO MORE HEROES: HEROES' PARADISE" on PS3, recently released in UK, it's an awesome game, if you like anime style games like me..then you'll love this one! a lot of fun :D
I am currently playing GTA4 on PS3..So hard game but I think, I'll complete it soon... :sweat:

puzzle games online
i just bought Limbo last nite... its a downloadable for the 360 or ps3. man... that game is a masterpiece. its simplicity at its best no joke. even tho i know its a short game, i definitely recommend you guys pay a few bucks to play this game. and turn off all the lights btw when you play it being that there is no colors cause its only in gray scale. man can't wait to play more when i get home!!!

one more thing... you will die millions of times....
I just completed yakuza 3 and 4th. Great games indeed. Next may be mass effect 1 and 2 before 3rd is released.
Just finishing up Fallout New Vegas and will soon be starting up Monster Hunter Tri. Kept hearing how good MH3 was supposed to be and since I have a Wii figured why not. lol.
Still playing WC3 mods. Next games will be Age of Empires Online and Torchlight 2.
HardoGay wrote:
Still playing WC3 mods. Next games will be Age of Empires Online and Torchlight 2.

Age of Empires Online sucks from what I saw on Microsoft presenting video... it's like a financial game, not a war game :o

I hope they'll make an epic AoE 4 (I mean as epic as the 2)

-- 19 Aug 2011, 13:10 --

Currently playing Lord Of The Rings Online, this game is sooo epic and takes soooo much of my time :inlove:
I am always playing games halfway through. u.u
Currently playing Persona 3
and ALWAYS playing monster hunter
Lately I've given up and played MMOs. xD
Now playing Resistance 3 (PS3) and like so far.
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