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Never really got into Tekken, until number 5.
The older series always felt sluggish compared to DOA and Soul Calibur and the like.

Fav character is Bruce(don't hate on me!!), since he's the only Muaythai stylist in the game.
Second would be Bryan, cause he's closest to using a Muaythai style.

I got a soft spot for Muaythai stylists in fighting games :]
Though if there aren't any, I go with ninja and samurai characters.

I like Eddie Gordo, Best personality and you can do alot of Arial Combos with him, I liked him ever since...Ever? Lemme just put a list of players I like,

1-Eddie and Christie.
2-Paul Pheonix.
3-King and Armor King.
4-Jack 6.

MY BESTEST CHARECTER IS MOKUJIN!!!!!! (Since no one mentioned the poor bastard)

I hate just one player.

Azazel. :( Cheapest bastard ever. He does like, 2 moves then your life is halfway done, I wish I could fight him with Nancy M(random numbers) It would be so EPIC.

That was my update, Peace.

Nowadays, I don't play Tekken anymore, but my favorite charakters are

Nina (great combos and best slaps in the face :D)
Paul (judo and great combos)
King (great wrestling moves)

Ah, yes MOKUJIN is great, too. I like also to play with many characters.

My favourite:

1: Hworang
2: Raven
3: Steve Fox
4: Asuka Kazama
5: Yoshimitsu

I hate:


I used to own my cousins with Hwoarang in the good and old Tekken 3.

last year I got Tekken 5.

Asuka, Xiaoyu, PANDA, Roger Jr, Julia Chang.

Feng. and Feng ¬¬ reeeeeeally hate this guy.

Eddy Gordo all the way!
Best player since tekken 3, I got my nickname thanks to eddy gordo =p

It's sorta weird that so many Gaki fans would like Tekken so much...but still, add me to the list! Only really got into it with 6, but it's been far more entertaining than any other beat em up this gen (alongside Blazblue).

I like Lars! He's much more interesting to use than the likes of Nina or Paul, whose moves are far too lateral and boring by comparison. I think Bloodline Rebellion brought some much-needed flair to the series, and now it sort of resembles Dead or Alive.

Uhmm, I just started with the Tekken-series like ... a month ago. So I started with Tekken 4 and ordered Tekken 5 yesterday. But I'm already pretty addicted (altough I started with Soul Calibur 3, which didn't amaze me that much).

My absolute favorite is Marshall Law. Even listening to him makes me happy. :D
Otherwise I like Kazuya and Yoshimitsu.

Least favorite ... well, Heihachi and Christie. Uahhh, the hate!

Marshall Law is my favorite too! :)

In tekken 6 I've dressed him like Bruce Lee in the movie "The Game of Death" - a yellow tracksuit and a nunchaku

Tekken was the first fighting game I ever played! Starting with Tekken 3. Eddy was and still is my favorite, even though I haven't owned a Tekken Games since Tag Team.

I feel however Tekken does not hold as much water as it use to however. DOA4 and the DOA franchise as a whole was the first to introduce action counters, and is progressively getting better (even thought they haven't released a game in a long while)

Street Fighter is a more advanced fighting game, especially with the release of SSFIV and the ability to come up with numerous amounts of combos.

However Tekken as a whole is mostly about juggling, which I find unfortunate and boring ever since switching to these new games. :/ However maybe once they come about the the Street Fighter vs Tekken Game, I'll give that one a chance ;)

I wonder how Street Fighter X Tekken will be. it should be interesting because Tekken has always been full 3D while Street Fighter hasn't. im guessing in order for it to work with the Tekken characters, Street Fighter is gona have to take a leap into the full 3D fighting style for the first time. but we'll see.

i played tekken since since the begginning but stopped at 4. there was just too many games i was playing at the time. Law was my favorite, but i was best with Paul, King, and Yoshimitsu.

Eddy Gordo was fun to look at. but he was a noob character and most people liked him because he did cool looking moves while just smashing buttons together. i actually hated when someone thought they were sooo good and they chose him and just began button smashing.

Street Fighter X Tekken will probably just be Street Fighter with Tekken characters and Street Fighter gameplay.

Tekken x Street Fighter is what i'm looking forward to.

Kazuya looks like a Super Saiyajin Level 2 in here.
I still don't get why they are making two seperate games! D:

yeah i know. i think its kinda retarded they're making 2 versions. but i guess its to keep both sides happy since one will use the Street Fighter's fighting engine while Namco's version will use Tekken's fighting engine. i'm gona slightly favor Tekken's engine.

i know i might start a whole fight by saying this, but i think Tekken's fighting engine has more depth to it. its just a bit more complex and better to me. but i enjoy both games very much so calm down Street Fighters!
Favorites: Yoshimitsu (Mysterious)lol, Lei (Jackie Chan), Law (Bruce Lee) and Heihachi (Lightning)

Hated: None really :D