What's your best fight scene in a movie?

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so as i was listening to my ipod on random today. a song from crouching tiger hidden dragon came on and it automatically reminded me of in my opinion, one of the best fights scenes in a movie. its epic for a few reasons... 1, its length. 2, involves 2 females. 3, some pretty sweet moves...

so what's your most epic fight scene? doesn't have to be just martial arts. just make sure they it's epic. i'd love to some awesome fight scenes since there are so many movies out there.

HITGIRLs fight at the narrow library - fast, violent, bloody, good choreography - done by a nice little girl
And not to forget the cheerful music :rock:
yeah that whole movie is great. favorite scene on it is when she's saving her father. the slow motion and grayscale (except for the fire surrounding him) they used on that scene is a visual masterpiece... here's another fav of mine...

his character in this movie is just toooo kewl...

This one.
i knew it wouldn't take more 3 than vids til someone posted a comedy fight scene. all thx to the bear :hug:
@ SpikeBender :

LOL - yes.... - fast, violent, muddy, no choreography - done by nice old ladys
And not to forget the historical and educational issues :rofl: :rofl:
Too many to name, but one in particular springs to mind

Without Words. Best Evar :-)!
Spoiler Alert, because it's the final fight scene. And it shouldn't be watched by kids :P

Dude... i've never seen Oldboy... but that fight scene was freakin epic!!!! i love that it was straight brawling fist to fist. no crazy choreography.seem like just street fighting. and the cinematography to it was just fantastic. thanks for that post!!!!
oldboy ftw
Angel the fight between Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima

I'm really a sucker for those good ol' Chinese movies. This one from Drunken Master 2 is particularly good. Jackie gets his ass kicked for a while until he drinks that industrial alcohol. The other guy has the most insane kicks.

Best scene ever