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Tales of Symphonia's my absolute favourite.

Others include:

Final Fantasy 7 and 8
Mother 2 and 3 (Cried at the end of 3).
Tales of Phantasia
Zoids Saga
Mario and Luigi Superstar

There's others but I can't remember lol.

Too many RPGs to count .. im a great RPG Addict and finished probably any Game that exists on this Planet.

My favs are definately the Final Fanatsy Series (finished all from 1 - 12) and the Star Ocean Series. I also miss the good old Secret of Mana and Parasite Eve Series.

My alltime Fav would probably be Final Fantasy Tactics, mainly because of the awesome Job System and because of how long it had me hooked (200+ Hours on PS1 and 160+ hours on PSP now)

Last RPG i finished was Jeanne D'Arc for PSP, its a old Game already but slipped my Fangs for a while, so i caught up to that over Christmas. Now im waiting for the new Final Fantasy 13 and ofcourse White Knight Chronicles for PS3.

Jean d'arc was poop can't beleive you like it lol how good is legend of dragoon? I've seen it and heard it lots but never really had the urge to play can't wait for mass effect 2 comes our day after exams doubt I'd be able to play cause Ill probably be wasted cause my mates hosting after exams party lol......anywaaaaay mass effect 2 then FF13 reaaaaly can't wait don't know what to get it on ps3 or xbox?

when i think of legend of dragoon, i also think of final fantasy 8. both have the same kind of feel to it. another good rpg for psx is legend of legaia..

Top 5 RPG in no particular order:

Tales of Phantasia <Best>
Tales of Vesperia
wild arms
brigandine (RPG tactic)
Final Fantasy VII

Originally posted by suzakuryuu
Top 5 RPG in no particular order:

Tales of Phantasia <Best>
Tales of Vesperia
wild arms
brigandine (RPG tactic)
Final Fantasy VII

I loved Tales of Phantasia lol.
Also into Final Fantasy VIII and X.
Going to buy Final Fantasy XIII when it's released.

My favourite RPG is The Legend of Dragoon. I also like Suikoden 2 with the amazing storyline and The Last Remnant.
Final Fantasy VII
Lost odyssey
mother earthbound
Fallout 3
persona 3

and long etc...
Two games I will never forget :
1- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (endless possibilities and total freedom)
2- Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (every thing in the game is epic though it's not very popular)


Well I've enjoyed Diablo 2, tbh... ;-)
@Ace You are a really oldschool gamer. Just like me! :D

Also I love Final Fantasy VII, VIII (my favorite because of the story, characters and junction system!), IX (best fairy tale ever!), X (best love story with sad ending) and X-2 (for Yuna and making the X's ending right!),
Chrono Cross
Star Ocean 2 and 3
Xenosaga 1, 2 and 3

There are others but it would be a pain to write all of them down... It would take a while. ;)
i would say finalfantasy but its too obvius :D so i say game wich im playing atm, DISGAEA <3 absolute love it! i just finished disgaea 1 on ps2 and about to play second one, so excited to play it.
you ppl should definitely play it c: