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I hope someday we can see a Hosei movie where he is a part of a japanese comedy show on tv, always bullied and then during a special live record of the show where he is supposed to enter a catapult, a problem occur and he is catapulted out the space, then he hurt a satellit and fall back on earth in a small countryside japanese town. Then he see something weird: he is into the futur, actually 30 years later. Nobody remember him. His objective is going back to tokyo to take back his place into the entertainment. But it's gonna be hard becoz many thing have changed after 30 years.

Why aren't we funding this. :lol:
That's creative haha.
Honestly I'm more surprised he never did some kind of sitcom comedy series where he disguises himself as a girl to get into an establishment and ends up in a complicated relationship with someone there (as happens in some manga). I think he may of briefly done it in one show “Kanpei Teacher Funky Monkey” (1992 - 1994). :lol:
http://yamasakigifs.tumblr.com/post/511 ... -a-girl-on
He won 4th place in a crossdressing contest even :rofl:
http://yamasakigifs.tumblr.com/post/533 ... -4th-place
Do you remember in wich "Goodbye Yamasaki" he ended as E.T.?
Looks like it was 2013.
English Subs: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4708&p=39398#p39396
French Subs: viewtopic.php?f=10&p=39397#p39397
Ah thank, i was watching them one by one.
Mentai Piriri 2 - Part 2
めんたいぴりり2 後篇 2015.02.27
EDIT: I deleted this video to make free space of my MEGA account.
Ah awesome ErnieYoung, thanks so much! Didn't realize he'd be in it again. Much appreciated. :bow:
Agh, I tried to record Housei on Asahi's Jimoichi ジモイチドライブ but it never came up on the main channel.... :( It was all news for some reason. It looks like it was funny too ;( (they got him in jet boots on water). If anyone sees it pop up anywhere please let me know.
I want to see Hosei in jetboots on water.

This is no negociable.
1 million french peoples saw Hosei's ass on tv.

They showed the spinning top into hosei's butt video. :D
andylau-fr wrote:
1 million french peoples saw Hosei's ass on tv.
They showed the spinning top into hosei's butt video. :D

Oh really? :rofl:
At least they didn't show his Ass Magic episode *shivers* :shake:
Just came across this funny clip on Youtube. :lol:

soudou wrote:
Just came across this funny clip on Youtube. :lol:

What was this show about? :D
VideogameDC wrote:
What was this show about? :D

It's from ものまねグランプリ (Imitation Grand Prix), so he's doing an exaggerated impression of singer Akiko Wada (和田アキ子), the same person who smacks him down out of spite. :lol:

He's been in contests such as this and ものまねバトル (Imitation Battle) many times but they are hard to find. In the first post I have a playlist of some of them and under "Missing Parodies" is a list of stuff I found noted but couldn't find video of.
New Amateur Sub for my Tumblr, Housei telling a funny tale of misfortune on Kaiketsu Emi Channel (2015-04-24).
EDIT: Bah, just noticed the "absurdely" typo *sticks an annotation over it*

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