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Ah yeah, the title seems to be something like "That day, our great escape", at some points whilst looking for it I got results for The Great Escape. :rofl:
I even found the movie online thinking it was the one you mentioned, I just watched it in portions until I realized it didn't had anything to do with the other movie at all :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
It seems so weird seeing Hosei being serious with a gun and stuff.. :D
Fengson wrote:
It seems so weird seeing Hosei being serious with a gun and stuff.. :D

Yeah, I couldn't help laughing since I'm used to his funnyman roles... :lol: There might be elements of comedy in it though. The music that plays over the trailer seems a bit too upbeat to be deadly serious. I can imagine there being some funny moments between him and the kids perhaps.
He acted in an episode of a murder mystery once, but his character was pretty comical. The only video of it I found has bad sound quality and logos but I edited together his scenes from it for the "Past Work Compilation" post:

Hosei's in this episode of Purebato. It's a show hosted by Hamada, where the guests try things like ikebana, haiku, rhythm, etc. Then they are ranked by a master of the art into 'have talent', 'normal', 'no talent'.
Nice find, solari! :)
Thanks for posting solari! One of these days I'll get back to updating this regularly, just been incredibly busy with that annoying thing called life :^)
I was really glad someone uploaded that to the usual video directories as I tried to record it but missed the first 5 mins and a bit of the middle.
soudou! Do you have the video where Downtown plays a prank on Tsukitei where he supposedly is being raped by two black guys? I've been searching for that video without any luck, and I want to see it. :)
VideogameDC wrote:
soudou! Do you have the video where Downtown plays a prank on Tsukitei where he supposedly is being raped by two black guys? I've been searching for that video without any luck, and I want to see it. :)

It was part of a series Downtown did in the 90s called "Candid Yamazaki" so if you search Google or Youtube for "山崎ドッキリ" you should find this prank and most others (e.g. fooling him to believe: their producer had come back from the dead, the yakuza were going to beat him up for approaching one of their girls, pretending he was fired from Gaki etc.). Here's the one you're looking for:
Thank you very much! I thought I wasn't going to see that prank again. Better download the video if anything happens.

Thanks again. :)
Hosei is posting on twitter~~
about..alcool? :worried:

月亭方正 @tukiteihousei · 3 min

月亭方正 @tukiteihousei · 58 min

月亭方正 @tukiteihousei · 1 h

月亭方正 @tukiteihousei · 1 h

In last Batsu Game I remember his daughter complaining about his drinking habit. :(
In the first tweet, he talks on what kind of food is great to replace alcohol, so he can avoid drinking. I hope he doesn't get to be chubby like he used to be.

In the second tweet, he talks about the people that doesn't drink alcohol, saying they are more fun than alcoholic people, and that also he received many opinions from the people that answered the question that has to do with this.

In the third one, he only says ''Natural Tweets~'' and that's it. I don't know what does that mean at all. Sorry.

And in the last one only says ''Good morning'', but I don't know what does the other line says, so I'm sorry in that one too.

Overall I don't think that Yamasaki has a serious alcoholism problem, as you can see, he's not deppresed or anything... Or he wants us to think he's fine. :|
Aww, Housei sometimes really pours his heart out to the public on Twitter. :)

This is all just estimated of course based on reading between the lines of Google Translate and Ejje Translator / Dictionary etc. So may not be accurate.

What time was the happiest in your life?
I've been asking myself that and after much thought the answer may be my second year at junior high school (Note: Age 13-14 ). It's the point where I developed my sense of self, my own identity. Everyday full of new experiences.
I'd never realized it before now and wonder if it's due to thinking of stopping alcohol recently. Maybe so.

It is fun to drink. Fun but tiring. Alcohol is the best medicine yet also the cause of many kinds of illness. Too much drinking is detrimental to your lifespan and I want to reclaim a youthful feeling. So I think to myself "Alright!! Do your best to quit alcohol for a few days.... Nah, that's impossible."

Good morning~
I just woke up~

Natural Tweets (Note: Based on the replies he got to this tweet, perhaps a joke reference to some morning exercise parody video with over 10 million views titled "Natural Exercise" by comedy duo CowCow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0zRBRUQils )

I got a lot of replies regarding my question of what was the most fun time in peoples lives.
Relatively speaking, for many it seems that it was at a time when that person could not drink alcohol (Note: Legal drinking age in Japan is 20).
Maybe some truth in that?

So with that in mind, I need a method for avoiding drinking alcohol. A cheat method.
Please let me know what drink can substitute for alcohol?
Thank you~

Thank you very much everyone.
In the end many have said soda~
soudou made a better work translating the tweets, even the ones I coudn't understand that much.
Look who joined Vine! :o

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