Tsukitei (Yamasaki) Hōsei TV/Etc. Compilation Megathread

Videos related to Gaki no Tsukai and all above mention in this area posted here
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Short sub of a clip from Marco Polori 2014.06.29, thanks to Pino for helping me translate.
Those burdock roots from Moriman Vs. left their mark on Housei in more ways than one. :devil:

Housei tells a funny story on Kaiketsu Emi Channel 2014.05.09
Thanks to Pino for helping me out with translating.

Tsukitei Housei spends a day looking after the 13 kids of the Hashimoto family while their parents get a long-awaited day off. From Osaka Honwaka 2015.08.30.

Many many thanks to M361202 who helped me enormously. With my lack of Japanese and no transcript I don't think it'd have been possible without them!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfvKrI_ ... hz&index=1

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3k82h ... subbed_fun
No new drive a gogo? :sweat:
andylau-fr wrote:
No new drive a gogo? :sweat:


I still try to grab whatever Housei's on but gotta admit I slacked off on converting / uploading everything. I have thought to make a list of everything though for people to request particular stuff from (I do of course post some clips / GIFs on my Tumblr).

I think the last Drive A Go Go I posted here was 2014/7/13 ? :?:

Doing a search on my PC I have a 2014-11-23 and 2015-03-01 if you don't have those already?

By the way, now that I look, I can't seem to find the 2015.06.28 episode ErnieYoung uploaded (their link is down now), do you have that to up to MEGA temporarily for me to grab? I bet I have it somewhere though and will find it months later, so sorry to trouble you... |(
Just see the message just now, just 7 month later.
Sadly i don't think i have it anymore. I will check deep on my external hard drive when i have time, just in case.
Longtime we havnt see our Soudou here, hope everything ok~ :worried:
ENGEI GRAND SLAM #8 2017.05.06 - Tsukitei Hosei
ENGEI GRAND SLAM #8 2017-05-06 Tsukitei Hosei.zip
Yamasaki Housei & Keisuke Okada Duet


what is the original song title in english? it sounds catchy..
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