Tsukitei (Yamasaki) Hōsei TV/Etc. Compilation Megathread

Videos related to Gaki no Tsukai and all above mention in this area posted here
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soudou wrote:
solari wrote:
Hosei is in this week's ep of Downtown DX

Yeah it was a great one, lots of funny moments between him and the other guests, lots of Downtown teasing him about his bald patch and lots of great photos :rofl:
http://yamasakigifs.tumblr.com/post/766 ... ost-recent

He was really cute in his high school years :D

I kinda like how Matsumoto always has a running gag in each ep of DX(this time was Jinnai and Hosei)
Hey! Hosei just appeared on YTV's The Delicious Journey (言われるマンマ). I have a 20 minute clip from an unknown total duration part of the show :)
andylau-fr wrote:
Any video of his main job (Story teller)? I would like to see that. :geek:

Hey, glad you're interested in his other work, shame it's not subbed but you still get to see him pull funny faces etc.
I've posted a few in the past but I think the Zippyshare links probably expired. I re-uploaded all I have (3 performances + some casual interview) and added it to the very first post under "Rakugo Works ZIP".

VideogameDC wrote:
I just searched for a video where he makes a storytelling routine and I came across this...
http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp.e.ck.hp.trans ... 12703.html
I hope he's doing fine now :)

Yeah, he said on Twitter he didn't get a flu vaccination and paid the price. He is feeling better now. I sometimes (attempt) to translate his Tweets on my Tumblr. Here's the ones related to the flu:
http://yamasakigifs.tumblr.com/post/755 ... pdates-yep
http://yamasakigifs.tumblr.com/post/759 ... weets-from

solari wrote:
He was really cute in his high school years :D
I kinda like how Matsumoto always has a running gag in each ep of DX(this time was Jinnai and Hosei)

Absolutely :rofl: I have some more photos from his school/debut years.

And some thanks to @pooleden :)

I agree, Matsumoto was really funny this episode. :lol:

VideogameDC wrote:
Hey! Hosei just appeared on YTV's The Delicious Journey (言われるマンマ). I have a 20 minute clip from an unknown total duration part of the show :)

Managed to auto-record that last night :) Still gotta figure out the best way to convert the raw .TS file though. I was gonna rejig my Action(s) file to just use the red record button, which seems to use slightly different encoding, but it was getting late so I had to sleep xD
Hahaha, I only managed to record de last portion of the show (Like 20 minutes). You can use Freemake Video Converter to convert the .TS file to any other file you want, I use it on my other PC (The one that doesn't have Bandicam) to convert the recorded VLC videos :)
Thanks I'll give it a go. :)
Funny thing is I seemed to be able to convert the TS files that are created using VLC when using the red record button, I just ran them through Handbrake and the sync was only as off as it was on the stream itself. But with the raw TS file created via VLC's "demux dump" script e.g.

Code: Select all

:demux=dump :demuxdump-file=vlcRecording.ts

After conversion there was a bigger sync gap...

It's actually possible to have VLC itself convert to MP4 (or any other format) whilst recording the broadcast Transport Stream (TS) via the "#transcode" script but I haven't figured out the best settings yet for a good quality/filesize ratio.
I actually saw for myself about the VLC process, but it's too complicated to me to do all that I just convert the file on .wmv so I can use it on Sony Vegas. Luckily I don't have that problem on my better PC. Other thing I saw with the .ts files is that they're too big in file size!
Thank Sudou, I'm watching the rakugo videos. :inlove:
So I found there's 3 different Tousouchuu. One is standalone, one is under variety program "Chronos"(2007) and one is under variety program "Jump!OOchuu"(2007~2008)
Tousouchuu started as standalone special variety aired every so often in 2004. In 2007, it became part of a program called "Chronos"(which had 13 eps of tousouchuu and which had other ~chuu games). Later, "Chronos" ended late 2007. It was succeeded by "Jump!OOchuu"(had around 5 eps of tousouchuu and other ~chuu games) which ended in 2008.
After that, the standalone special variety Tousouchuu started to evolve and incorporate the minidramas.

The tousouchuu( has Tsukitei(Yamasaki) Hosei(39)) below is the first Tousouchuu from variety program "Chronos"

solari wrote:
I found an earlier tousouchuu while trawling youtube. I think it's a very early episode(probably?)

Tsukitei(Yamasaki) Hosei is a contestant(he's shown as 39 years old).

^This vid in my earlier post is the first Tousouchuu under "Jump!OOchuu"
solari wrote:
So I found there's 3 different Tousouchuu.

Thanks for being on the case to find these old shows solari, much appreciated :) Interesting how that show has so many different versions! I think I have that amusement park episode listed under just "Tousouchuu" in the Mega Nostalgia post:
2010.11.13 Around an amusement park.

I've added your Youtube link now under the Youku link, always good to have more sources incase one goes down!

Keep up the good detective work!
This amusement park one is 2007(under "Chronos") and different from the 2010 one(standalone)
solari wrote:
This amusement park one is 2007(under "Chronos") and different from the 2010 one(standalone)

Oh right, in what way is it different? I'm confused haha. I watched the beginning of both (Youku vid, Youtube vid) and they looked exactly the same (with the countdown to the game starting ending on a shot of Hosei dressed in red showing the camera his watch).
Huh? they're the same?
I got confused by the different dates..
..Sorry. I thought they were different due to the dates,

2010 refers to the date it was aired in Taiwan?
solari wrote:
2010 refers to the date it was aired in Taiwan?

Ah that's it! Chinese Wikipedia says exactly that:
http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%85%A8% ... S.EF.BC.89

Cool, I'll change the date to 2007.04.23 then. :)
OK, here we go! Now that I can grab his Kansai shows there's much more to update with than previous months, since he's pretty much based there now. I have done my best to retain quality on the NIJI recordings and fix any audio sync issues. You may notice times where audio pops but it should be extremely rare (maybe just Marco Polori because it had such a huge sync issue). I also removed commercials but I did leave in tiny bits of adverts here and there with some programs, because without them the audio shift cut out part of the program audio.

February 2014 Roundup

Talk Shows



Restaurant Magic R
2014-02-17 Special
Tsukitei Hōsei co-hosts alongside his rakugo teacher Tsukitei Happo. He's a fun guy who keeps making Hōsei laugh. :)

Delicious Journey
Hōsei and fellow rakugo/comedian Katsura Sando wander around Hokkaido sampling food and trying to haggle the prices down, though first Hōsei wants to check out the Olympic ski jump stadium.

Full list of Zippyshare links for you to copy into JDownloader if you want all of the NIJI recordings:

Code: Select all

B-Tops 2014-02-03

Nanishiyo 2014-02-03

Marco-Polori 2014-02-09

B-Tops 2014-02-10 Last Half

Nanishiyo 2014-02-10 Middle Missing

Delicious-Journey 2014-02-15

Uramayo-SP 2014-02-16

Yoshimoto-Biographies 2014-02-16

B-Tops 2014-02-17

B-Tops 2014-02-17 First Half

B-Tops-Repeats 2014-02-17

Nanishiyo 2014-02-17

B-Tops 2014-02-24 Missing Start

B-Tops-Advert 2014-02-23

B-Tops-Other 2014-02-24 Missing Start

Nanishiyo 2014-02-24
Thank you, soudou! I had a problem with NIJI, I tried to watch Fuji TV and I saw a ''Channel in maintenance'' screen with Jason Mraz I'm Yours song looping over and over. Did you got a problem like this before?
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