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July 2013 Roundup

Music Shows

Variety Shows
The continuation of the ongoing on-location challenge: "Guess the way random people interpret Kanji, get it right - cross the road, get it wrong - go back to the start".

Talk Shows
Marco Polori
One of the guests on the show is that Chie fortune teller student girl who spread the rumour about how keeping a photo of Tsukitei on your mobile phone for a month will bring you luck in love. She seems to make some derisive comment about him which everyone finds hilarious whilst he looks dejected. :rofl:

Kaiketsu Emi Channel
Tsukitei seems to talk about a scary encounter he had.

Osaka Lunchtime Chat "What!?"
A new show hosted by female comedy duo Yasutomo which Tsukitei is a regular on once a week. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be getting capped/uploaded so far. Only found a short low quality cam recording...

Quiz Shows

Upcoming Things of Interest!
Birdman broadcast from 7:00 pm September 4 2013
An event in which people try to build different kinds of planes then attempt to fly them off a pier. In the previous year, he was one of the hosts and also presented for a team building a plane.
"This year Tsukitei is in charge of supporting the "Tsukitei Science Project" in the "glider department" with Mr. Science Producer, Yonemura Denjiro (58) supervising."
Seems FC2 has clamped down recently... lots of videos deleted quickly with no alternatives on other sites. :(

August 2013 Roundup

Talk Shows
Kaiketsu Emi Channel
Hōsei-san talks about his experience at a haunted house attraction he went to with his daughter where he was more scared by how worn-out the ride was.

Yoshimoto Golden Biographies
Alongside his rakugo master Tsukitei Happo and Jinnai Tomonori he hosts this show speaking with female comedy duo Porcupine Fish ( ハリセンボン ) and laugh at their old photographs. Grabbed it off FC2 before it got deleted.
328mb (Split Archive) (password: gaki-no-tsukai.com)

Casual Rakugo Gig Interview
Tsukitei went to do a rakugo (like comedian stand-up but sitting down) gig at the Charoku Hankan Tea House & Inn building in Miyazu, Kyoto Prefecture. It seems someone asked if they could do an impromptu interview with him there. The interviewer seems apologetic for being unprepared during silences but Hōsei-san tells them not to worry. :) At the end they film a little bit of a meet and greet after the gig where people took a photo with him etc.

1080p HD 158mb (password: gaki-no-tsukai.com)

Quiz Shows
Yamazaki & Chiaki on P-SMA 2001-02-20


Teaming up on a variety show that was hosted by SMAP band members. In this one the guests on the show have to investigate peoples homes and profile them down to the finest detail (even their bra size). They also have to draw what they think they look like. Then they bring the person who lives there in to see how they did.

The quality isn't great despite the filesize... It came like that off Clubbox and I'm not knowledgeable enough about encoding to try and get it down further, wouldn't want to deteriorate it too much... sorry. If anyone can tell me about settings to use etc. please let me know in the Discussion thread ( viewtopic.php?f=91&t=4948 ), thank you!

September 2013 Roundup

Challenge Shows
Birdman 2013
An annual competition where teams build a plane from scratch with different designs then launch it from a pier to see how it will fly. Hōsei-san is one of the commentators and also hosts a special science segment which starts at about 20 minutes into the program.

Talk Shows
Yoshimoto Golden Biographies
Alongside his rakugo master Tsukitei Happo and Jinnai Tomonori he hosts this show speaking with comedy duo Rozan ( ロザン ).
http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjA5MzYxO ... f=16728776

Marco Polori
Guests: Mr and Mrs Sato Hiromichi.
Near the end he seems to crack a joke that only Mr Sato Hiromichi laughs at, the laugh Hosei makes in responce is pretty quirky :rofl:


Guests: Messenger Kuroda (メッセンジャー黒田)
Topics: Sakai Masato, Hanzawa Naoki etc.
It's funny when two of the talk guests start jokily fighting and Tsukitei Hosei tries to break it up alongside Koji Higashino. :lol:


Quiz Shows
All-Star Thanksgiving 2013
An annual special quiz show featuring TONS of celebrity guests (actors, comedians, musicians, singers, voice actors, pop groups, presenters and many more). There's also some variety games here and there. You'll probably see other recognizable faces such as Matsuko Deluxe etc. Tsukitei Hosei's team manages to win 3rd place in the quiz!

Part 1: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjE0OTM1OTY0.html
Part 2: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjE0OTM4NzQ4.html
October 2013 Roundup

Better late than never! :wasntme: FC2 uploads are still getting deleted pretty quickly sadly. Also I had hoped his appearance on the show JaruJaru (comedy duo) host, would get uploaded by fans of that duo. |( If anyone finds any other stuff from October, please post it here!

Talk Shows
Kaiketsu Emi Channel
Tsukitei complains that the total cost on parking and taxi meters seem to suddenly jump up just as he's about to pay. :lol:

Marco Polori
Guest: Umemiya Tatsuo.

Password: gaki-no-tsukai.com
Part 1: http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/84470593/file.html
Part 2: http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/82225346/file.html

Quiz Shows
Tsukitei seems to slip up on answering some questions and in the last moments he wins the opportunity to try a special noodle meal but can't seem to get a grip on it with his chopsticks. :rofl:

Anyone see this?? Is pretty funny :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It seems that since young Yama-chan want to do Rakugo :D
that's a kazaana episode. soudou uploaded it some time ago:

Arlekin wrote:
Anyone see this?? Is pretty funny
It seems that since young Yama-chan want to do Rakugo

Yeah I uploaded that on Youtube :rofl: Then later I found the full episode and uploaded it like sebas-chan said. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Funny thing is I'm not sure how much of an impact this rakugo lesson episode had on him. He probably enjoyed it but perhaps didn't take it in seriously. I think he may of said that it was around 2008 or so that he found a passion for rakugo and decided to study it seriously, when Higashino Koji invited him to go watch a rakugo perform at a time when he was unsure about the future of his career. But since I don't know Japanese I could be wrong. It was in his emotional talk with a senior rakugo:

But it is really hilarious, it's so like him to go enthusiastically into something and then trip up. :lol: It's odd to think looking at the clip that it would later become a future passion for him. :?:
Dunno when but he decided to study English alongside comedy work for a couple of years too, so his English has likely improved since then. :)
So, you are the user?? :rofl: :rofl: I imagine that maybe you already post that in this page, but i wasn't sure, so i post it.

Yeah, maybe he don't know in that time that some day he will do Rakugo, and i know that he took English lessons too. He need to improve his English :rofl: :rofl: But yeah, i enjoy it. Was pretty funny :D
Arlekin wrote:
So, you are the user??

I also have the MoonPin account (named after Tsukitei's rakugo pin) where I post other types of videos I've edited together and amateur subs. Decided to make a separate account incase the other got deleted.
But I usually post about new stuff on there via Tumblr.

Arlekin wrote:
I imagine that maybe you already post that in this page, but i wasn't sure, so i post it.

A lot of the videos on that account are Hidden to reduce deletions and are only linked in this thread. But the public ones like that one I don't think I posted them in this thread.
It's nice to know they're being watched. :) Plus Youtube comments system sucks now so easier to make comments on it here. :rofl:
Good to know about your channels. I'll check them out. Funny find your video in Youtube. I'm been watching a lot of clips there and your video pop up :)
November 2013 Roundup
Hōsei's making a sincere effort in getting his rakugo (comic storytelling) work to be more known, the Kansai region where he now lives has good opportunities for this. Most Kansai-only shows aren't uploaded, but a couple did pop up on Youtube! :o

Rakugo Shows
Comical stories where Hōsei plays each of the characters - think of it like Jackanory. Rakugo can also include funny anecdotes from life and other humor.
Tsukitei Hosei with "Special Bargain Sale" & Backstage Interview
MBS 2013.11.24
A comical story which had been largely unknown until the 1970s. Transcription here.
In the interview afterwards it's revealed the story apparently took 2 months to practise and remember. He also talks about what drove him to become a rakugo, mentioning Higashino Koji's encouragement when he was hesitant despite being addicted to rakugo. Also how he became friends with Tsukitei Hakko who, after he talked passionately to him about rakugo, introduced Hōsei to rakugo teacher Tsukitei Happo.


Tsukitei Hosei with "Amitābha Pond"
YTV 2013.11.26
A comical story which has existed since 1907. Transcription here.
Unfortunately there's some interlacing issue on the video picture.


Talk Shows
Yoshimoto Golden Biographies
Alongside his rakugo master Tsukitei Happo and Jinnai Tomonori he hosts this show.
This episode they're speaking with actress and comedian Tomochika Yukiko (she's previously had a Shichihenge on Gaki no Tsukai and also appeared alongside Hōsei on that DHC Diet commercial).


Marco Polori
Guests: Tomoaki Kanemoto (retired baseball outfielder), Takeshi Takei (former athlete and Japanese decathlon champion now TV personality).


Kaiketsu Emi Channel
2013 special, I think it's a recap of highlight stories. The one for Hōsei is him talking about his fear of burdock after being bashed so much on Moriman VS! He's also told this anecdote on other shows like Downtown DX.

http://jp.channel.pandora.tv/channel/vi ... ogram_list

Special live episode with guest female entertainers.

http://jp.channel.pandora.tv/channel/vi ... ogram_list

Culture Shows
Kenmin Show

Hōsei has been a guest on this show many times but now he is in one of the on-location segments! Roleplaying a businessman who seems to not want his colleague showing him up (even if said colleague has no respect for him and calls him lame) as they tour the Rokko Butter Company and are shown how the factory works. The funniest part is when they go to eat out afterwards and he does show him up, Hōsei's face :rofl: Apparently mayonnaise is not used in the Hyogo prefecture or something like that. :^)

http://jp.channel.pandora.tv/channel/vi ... ogram_list
December 2013 Roundup
Quite a busy month! :D
And on New Years Day will be a new Hamada's Entertainer Rating Check show (<- link to its own thread), which I believe Hōsei will be in, I hope Hamada puts aside a special punishment for him again. :devil:

By the way I dunno if it's just me but right now JDownloader isn't working well on FC2 streams, which sucks because FC2 has annoying restrictions... However if you put the link through WantYoutube.com and use the Play option instead of Download you can watch FC2 stuff there.

Casual Shows
Yoshimoto Golden Biographies Specials - Visiting the Homes of Entertainers!
2013.12.25 - 27
Usually for this show Hōsei, Jinnai Tomonori and Tsukitei Happo (Hōsei's rakugo teacher), sit behind a table and talk to guests. But for this set of special episodes they went out and visited their homes. It offered a lot more fun moments (for people like me who don't actually know Japanese)! Sadly I can't find the very first episode :( Also unfortunately on one of the episodes someone keeps bringing up a timer window whilst recording the episode... Guess they didn't think it'd be captured too.

Anyway I know that Jinnai and Hōsei are good friends and they got to interact more with each other in these specials which I enjoyed seeing. I did one of my crappy amateur subs of some of their fun moments (or other little moments they had with guests).

http://video.fc2.com/content/20131225M6dssRR2 - Dec 25th
http://video.fc2.com/content/20131227RV7pDnHe - Dec 26th
http://video.fc2.com/content/201312275RFtURMD - Dec 27th

Talk Shows
Yoshimoto Golden Biographies
Alongside his rakugo master Tsukitei Happo and Jinnai Tomonori he hosts this show talking to Yoshimoto comedians.
This episode they're speaking with comedian Hoshan which you may recognise from Suberanai Hanashi etc..

It got deleted off FC2 already so here's an upload:
(Password: gaki-no-tsukai.com)

Marco Polori
Guests: Okubo Kayoko (member of comedy duo Oasiz)
Whilst talking about her family tree, host Higashino Koji asks Hōsei for his knowledge on the subject but cuts him off anyway, Hōsei cracks up so hard :rofl:


Guests: Sakagami Shinobu (sumo wrestler)
Right at the end Hōsei does a little arm-wrestling gag with the guest. :lol:


Kaiketsu Emi Channel
I'm not sure on specifics but a lot of the talk seems to focus on 'understanding women', partners and dating etc. Hōsei I think mentions a time he stayed in a capsule hotel and some other past dating experience he had. :^)

http://jp.channel.pandora.tv/channel/vi ... ogram_list

Yoshimoto Backstage Story Special
Hōsei isn't actually in this show but there is a backstage story told about him. They mention he brushes his teeth backstage in the dressing rooms. Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I can tell whilst he was brushing his teeth people were making fun of him, when he tried to bark back angrily in his defence (whilst still brushing), 5 perfect bubbles popped out from his mouth. This just gave them more material to make fun of :rofl: Though also they comment it was kinda pretty and others call it cute. :lol:

http://video.fc2.com/content/20131231bFeDYrEL - Part 1
http://video.fc2.com/content/20131231SDRU9CVJ - Part 2

Yomiuri TV Nishikawa Kiyoshi Tribute Special
Hōsei hosts one of the talk segments with Kiyoshi and a guest he's familiar with.


Quiz Shows
Tokumori Special

Hōsei teams up with fellow comedian and rakugo Katsura Sando on this special edition of the show which features a pop quiz on various videos.

soudou wrote:
Yamazaki & Chiaki on P-SMA 2001-02-20

could you re-upload this? zippy link is died, thanks in advance
sybersnake wrote:
could you re-upload this? zippy link died, thanks in advance

Done! New links in the post here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4533&p=41682#p41682

Also, you're a SMAP fan right? So I also uploaded another P-Sma episode Hosei was in for you. :)

Improvised Situational Comedy Challenge on P-SMA 2000-12-05


A show hosted by SMAP band members. In this one Hosei and other comedians have to compete in a series of "improvised situational comedy" challenges. Such as facing up against a thug in the park, reacting to a (somewhat frowned upon) public display of affection, going bowling etc.

(Again the quality isn't great despite the filesize... It came like that off Clubbox and I'm not knowledgeable enough about re-encoding to get the size down :( )

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