Matsumoto Hitoshi no Suberanai Hanashi 5 to 12!!!

Videos related to Gaki no Tsukai and all above mention in this area posted here
I'm pretty sure the narrator (Wakamoto Norio) says at the beginning that this is the 7th episode (第七弾).
And now that I watched little further, during the title screen he clearly says SEVEN! and even the number seven itself appears.
If you put up a decent quality one of the actual episode 5 I'll sub it.
I can't use torrents so I only have a crappy one atm.
I'll try to find 5 and 6 as well.
I tried quick googling and came up with audio-only clips
from Nico Nico Douga, including the fifth one. They seem to be full-length and the quality itself isn't too bad. ... 4%E8%A9%B1
GodzillaRadio do you have a prefered file hosting site? Im downloading 5 at the moment from a collection of 1-23 so I can upload it for you.

Also the torrent has another file called

Hitoshi Matsumoto no Suberanai Hanashi 5 DVD Wake Atte Mikoukai.avi

which i guess is deleted scenes? Should i upload that as well?

-- 28.01.2013, 03:36 --

Here is 5 (i think). :P
Cyanide, if you don't mind I updated the first post to include all the links, and put yours there.

Godzilla, the files are 640x480. Not sure if decent enough to work on it.

Sorry, I tried many times and several different ways but I can't seem to download this for some reason...

Would it be possible to put it on another upload site?
I don't know which ones you can use for free and upload large files though.

Sorry about the trouble and all.
GodzillaRadio wrote:
Sorry, I tried many times and several different ways but I can't seem to download this for some reason...

I think you just ignore the top right "Download as Free User" which is a decoy.
Click the "Continue as Free User" instead (next to Get pro Account button).
Then on the next page scroll down to the bottom right where it says "Download File" with a icon of a disk. I didn't go as far as downloading it fully but it pops up with a 400mb+ AVI download prompt so I think that's how to go about it.
Without a popup blocker, you'll also have to close whatever ad window/tab each of those clicks pops up.

Zippyshare, Mediafire etc. is indeed a lot easier though :D (200mb limit but 7zip etc. can split it up). If you can't grab it I can try and see if I can download it / split / up to Zippy.
Yeah, I've tried it that way but it doesn't want to work for me ;_;
Thanks a lot!
I just checked the first file and I could download it fine (not fully downloaded again, but prompted to) with both Firefox 19 and Chrome 24. I used the "Continue as Free User" then, on the streaming page, "Download File" just as soudou said.

Chose Putlocker cause the easiness of stream and/or download method, but we can think of something different for the next uploads.

Really looking forward to this, this show is probably the most fun after the various Batsu Games.
Here is Suberanai Hanashi 8 at 1024x576.


Im trying a new way to host the file, it should be a direct link and save me the trouble of splitting it into 8 files.
Test the link and let me know if its okay, also if someone could confirm it is SH8. If the link doesnt work then ill split and upload to zippyshare.