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Why is it so hard to find more vids with Hama-chan to? I have seen the one subbed with Gackt, but no others except extremely short clips. I want to see more! Heelp! :bow:
"Hamada. Are you vertically challenged?"
There you go Hama-chan @ shopping (found this one recently):

@HardoGay: Where have you been è_é

These はま ちゃん が, are they from a different show than はま ちゃん と? There seems to be other versions of the one where they go shopping, and the one where Hamada has guests and doing what they want is another show. Am I right?
"Hamada. Are you vertically challenged?"
It seems its a variety show (like Gaki no Tsukai is) so each episode has some different theme I think. The overall title for the show as a whole is 浜ちゃんが! (Hamachanga).

I found some which seems to have Hamada as some kind of investigator hunting (or literally chasing) down and dishing the dirt out on various people (comedians / entertainers / celebrities). He presents them with a paper with some information about them, asking them to reveal all. Depending on who he is confronting he can get violent or decides to take payment from them (and if there is anything else of interest in their wallet whilst taking the cash he'll expose that too).

During the 2011 special he targets Yamasaki (by surprise whilst he is getting ready for a stage show backstage) and Hamada of course feels free to be as tough with him as he likes. :rofl: During that same special they also target a AKB48 member and stick them ontop of a moving car at the end.
Here is the episode:


In other episodes they handcuff them and escort them away at the end. I found some 2012 episodes where Yamasaki was a police officer who brought out the evidence on a laptop and accidentally fell over with it. Hamada also targeted Rola in the 12_04_24 episode.

12_04_17 - http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzgyOTE4MjM2.html

12_04_24 - http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzg2Njk5NDA4.html


JapanCH on Youku has a lot of the episodes (11 pages as of this post, no subs though): http://i.youku.com/u/UMjk2MzI3OTQ4/vide ... 3%E3%81%8C

JapanCH has stopped and switched to another account called J Channel so if you want more recent episodes and future ones then check here:
http://i.youku.com/u/UNTQ4Mzc2MDAw/vide ... 3%E3%81%8C

For info on how to download from Youku:
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