Cocorico Miracle Type Drama Special (2006.02.15) - Subbed

Videos related to Gaki no Tsukai and all above mention in this area posted here
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So i recently found the sub file for this on d-addicts, but the torrent for the episode itself was dead, and i was unable to find downloads for the video, HOWEVER, thanks to TorgosHand here: viewtopic.php?f=64&p=38580#p38580 i downloaded the videos off dailymotion, which arent the worst quality ever (not great, but bearable), merged the videos and re-timed the subs to fit (the retiming may not be perfect, sorry >.<)
Credits for the subs go to someone called Pal (Century Kings)

i would like to point out, im still looking for the original RAW (which the original subs are timed to), as it is definitely of a higher quality, so if anyone stumbles across it, or has it, i would be very grateful~

Edit- i should probably point out, the video is soft-subbed, so if they arent showing, check yer video players options ;)
Sweet! Thanks for making this available! I'll probably throw it up on Mega at some point so that the download speeds are better (I'm being throttled to about 60KBps atm).
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