Ep #1387(2018.1.7) No-Laughing AP More Extra Footage

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
Hi Ernie,

Could you help share the link to me please?

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Happy new year, Ernie.
Can I take this episode and 2HR SP too please? Thanks a lot. :bow:
ErnieYoung wrote:
絶対に笑ってはいけないアメリカンポリス 秘蔵シーン完全公開SP

can you send me the link :nod:
and this one too

ErnieYoung wrote:
絶対に笑ってはいけないアメリカンポリス24時 お見逃しも未公開も一挙大公開SP!!

thanks :)
Hi Ernie,

Can I have the link? Thanks
@ernie Can I have link pls
I'd like a link!

Can you plz send the links of both extra footage? You are a legend!! Thankx
Can you send me the link pls?

Thank you
Hi Ernie,

could you send me the link to both specials? Thank you in advance!
could I get the links for both? please and thank you!
i want it :$
Hi Ernie, would love a link to this too
Ernie, can you send me the link, please?
would like a link too Ernie

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send me the link as well pls