Episode #1382 (2017.11.26) - Five Special Talk

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
In this week's Gaki No Tsukai, all five members gather to talk about the recording of the Batsu Game shooting that ended just days ago. Also this year, the member's complaints about the harsh conditions of the condition have no end! Matsumoto talks about his state of mind when he leaves in the morning to go to the shooting, and also gets angry about the batsu judgement. Moreover, some statistics about the past batsu games will be revealed. The unknown story about the origion of the Thai Kick will also be revealed.
Hope Ernie-san would send me the video when it's available~
5S トーク 「笑ってはいけない」 裏側 & 秘蔵映像
Gaki_171126_#1382_Talk about No-Laughing Batsu.zip
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