Gaki Special (2017.09.24) You absolutely have to answer!

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
On the 24th, there will be an extra 1 hour-special before the regular episode.
It's called "ガキの使い特別版絶対に答えなくてはいけない!レジェンド芸人に聞きたいことSP"
It seems like "lengendary" comedians will be asked questions, they absolutely have to answer, wether they'd like to or not.
Seems like fun!
hoping ernie-san will also give us the link for this week's episode,both the special and the regular.many thanks :)
I'd like the links too, Ernie-san! Thanks in advance! :)
I appreciate your hard work, Ernie-san. Please put me on the list.
@Ernie Please and thank you as always!
Seems like this special will run for 1 hour before the regular Gaki. The regular 30 minutes Gaki will then be a continuation of the special.
Please count me in your list as well Ernie-san. If possible could I ask for the second half of Matsumoto's birthday episode as well. Thank you very much as always.
I would also appreciate a link when available, thanks Ernie!
I would appreciate a link to Ernie, thanks again in advance!
Special Edition 2017.09.24 - Ask to the Legend Geinin SP
ガキの使い特別版 絶対に答えなくてはいけない! レジェンド芸人に聞きたい事SP!DdclyTIa
Gaki_170924 Ask to the Legend Geinin

Episode #1374 2017.09.24 - Ask to the Legend Geinin SP Extras
絶対に答えなくてはいけない! レジェンド芸人に聞きたい事SP 完結版!3ZMiWQKS
Gaki_170924_#1374_Ask to the Legend Geinin SP
Hey FinalRadio, do you have a link or something to the page/site that says this? I want to know if they have a list of the comedians they'll be asking to see if there's anyone I can REALLY get hyped up about. Thanks!
Special (2017.09.24) :bow: send me the link Ernie San Thank you :bow:
Hi Ernie can i have the link please? Thank you
Any Dailymotion links??

Edit: expect some batsu leaks in the coming weeks
Can I have the link as well?

Thank you very much, Ernie san!