Episode #1372 (2017.09.10) - Matsumoto's 54th Birthday

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
ErnieYoung wrote:
I'll send a PM to all of you. :e:

Hi Ernie,
Can you plz send me the link of this episode? Thank you very much.
Hi Ernie! Could I get on your list too? Thank you very much!
ernie, send me the link too :)
Hello ErnieYoung, can i have the link too ?
Thanks by advance.
:$ well well..
Ernie can you add me to the list?

thank you :angel:
Me too! Thanks Ernie!
Paging @Ernie-san, please send me the link! Thank you!
Hi Ernie! Could i get the link too again? Thank you :)
ernie link plz ..
thank you :D
Is the new episode out yet???
If so Dailymotion link please.
If 1373 is out, I'd appreciate a link Ernie, thanks! :bow:
Hajime_Saito wrote:
If 1373 is out, I'd appreciate a link Ernie, thanks! :bow:

Would also want to have 1373 too, many thanks Ernie-san
Was wondering if there would be a separate thread. Would love to get the link again Ernie! Thank you so much (as always)!
Can I please have the link to Episode #1373?

Thank you Ernie!
Would love a link too, think a new thread will probably be made though.