Episode #1372 (2017.09.10) - Matsumoto's 54th Birthday

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
And this week, the show will celebrate Matsumoto's Birthday!

As always, I'll translate the description of the official website:
This week's Gaki No Tsukai is "Matsumoto's 54th birthday party! Let's give him a birthday song!". The members as as well a secret guest will create a song by themselves based on what they feel about Matsumoto and sing it from their heart. What kind of song will Cocorico, Hosei and Hamada sing? And who will the unlikely secret guest be? And what will Matsumoto's reaction to the song be? The members will also tell some exciting memories from this 28 year-old show. Don't miss this chance to see the bond between the members.

Seems like an interesting episode, I hope to get some new information about how the five feel about each other.
I want to see this episode, I recentrly saw the Lincoln #084 (2007.10.02) - Matsumoto's 44th Birthday episode and it was funny :rofl: :rofl:
I hope I'm on Ernie's list for this one :)
Thanks guys !
Hoping Ernie-san will also send us the link for this week
@Ernie, please and thank you!
welp i can't miss this episode. waiting for @ernie sama to send link for us :D
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I would ask for a link as well, Ernie.
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Part 1
祝54歳 松本誕生日会 (前編)
Gaki_170910_#1372_Matsumoto's 54th Birthday (1).zip
Hi Ernie can i have the link please? Thank you
Ernie can you share it for me too?
Would like the link over here too, thanks. This episode is already off to a good start :lol:
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