Can you decide for the ¿Special Gaki or Gaki Extreme?

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
Can you decide for the Special Gaki or Gaki Extreme?

I have prepared a survey for you to vote which of the two
You like more

Special Gaki: This dedicated to the best moments and funny scenes of all the episodes of gaki no tsukai, especially also the top 10 of the weekend.

Extreme Gaki: This dedicated only of complete episodes of gaki no tsukai.

You can vote for this link:

Special Gaki # 10 (2017.07.14) and Extreme Gaki # 3 (2017.08.12) is now available to view, vote which of the two you like best ;)
So this is just you, posting a video of gaki episodes in a different name?
Don't do that, dude.
Can't you just upload them like everybody else does?
Don't change the title, don't change the episode number. That will confuse everyone.
"Special Gaki" sounds like a special episode of gaki but its not. It's just your own homemade compilation.
"Extreme gaki" is just a full episode. What's so "extreme" about it? Those episode already have an official title.
If you want to compile a clip and upload it, just put a simple title like "top 10 best gaki scene" or "Best Matsumoto moment" something. So we know that it's a clip, not an episode. You will get more downloads/views like this.