Episode #1327 2016.10.23 - 3 Take Challenge on Location

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
A new challenge for the gang this week, with the guys going on location and recording a little planned 'segment'. After finishing they then must try and replicate the exact same segment on the second and third takes without going off script or having any little incidents happen during the repeat filming. If you're looking for comparisons, I guess it's a similar sort of concept to the classic Drunk Momotaro episode, where the gang had to memorize the script while drunk.

This unique setup has potential. I'm ready for it. :clap:
I like when they're creative like this.
Gaki_161023_#1327_Location Shooting Replay Challenge.zip
new challenge! looking forward to this.
Thank you very much. :D
Taping shows on cars must be very, very cheap.
Great episode! :rofl: Thanks Ernie.