Episode #1321 2016.09.11 - I Think This Item Will Suit You

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
This week is a mini-spinoff of the 'I Think You Will Like This Item' series; where the episodes before had certain themes like pants, shirts etc., it seems this time the episode description says there will be no particular theme: the gang will just simply present an item they think suits the best. The guest this week is Ryucheru, a young model who has made his claim to fame this year for his rather extravagant fashion sense during his appearences on TV.

Guest: Ryuchell
アイツの事を一番理解しているのは俺だ! どうせお前こんなん似合うんやろ選手権! りゅうちぇる編~!!
Gaki_160911_#1321_I Think This Item Will Suit You.zip
This kid really has punchable looks, rivaling Martin Shkreli and Justin Beiber.
Thank you very much ErnieYoung. :clap:
rocky_iwata wrote:
This kid really has punchable looks, rivaling Martin Shkreli and Justin Beiber.

This. Yesterday he also showed up in Banana zero and he was cringe as fuck. I hope he won't become regular there.
Shit, it's THAT guy.
Thans for the video Ernie, but I agree, this guy was frigging annoying. Definitely the ind of "people" I hate in Japan, those fashion/popstar/talentless/babydollface celebrities.. They're all over the place in Japan, commercials, in the train, in the street..
Wow, that guy's like Rola Chen, except not unintentionally funny. Also, that voice is totally fake.
First Gaki video i can't watch til end.
Most annoying person i ever see. :doh:
I agree 100%
He's like a shitty "male" version of Rola, and definitely one of the most annoying people I've ever seen seriously.. Who can like him honestly? I'm pretty sure 100% of the men just want to punch him haha, and as for the women, can you be attracted or amused by him?
Now let's just hope he's not gonna show up in upcoming Batsu Game..
The guest in this episode is definitely an interesting... "character" to put it lightly... :lol:
Does anyone know the songs played during the shopping part ?
Glad everyone on the board wants to punch this guy in the head.

I've been living in Japan a couple of years now, and he turned up on TV maybe a few months ago, and I find him one of the most obnoxious "characters" I've had to endure in a long time. At least Rola/Lola has gone on to make a name for herself as a model (and also is appearing in, bizarrely enough, the next Resident Evil film). This guy is just... words fail me.

Shame on the Gaki production people for thinking he'd be a good guest.
Thanks Ernie! :)

I haven't watched the episode yet, but I Googled him and his Instagram is creepy. Judging from everyone's reaction this episode is going to be interesting to watch! :D