Episode #1310 2016.06.19 - Sudden Dance Competition

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
A spinoff of the Sudden Japanese Dance Competition (episode 1297), this week features 5 more contemporary dances in samba, flamenco, awa odori, take no kozoku and tari dance. Each member gets one and has to do as best as he can.

Matsumoto possibly doing the flamenco? This is gonna kill me.
Looking forward to it. :nod:
I think the options are:

All have potential for cringe-laden hilarity, looking forward to it! :rofl:
^soudou! I just noticed your name is green! :o

I guess that recent sudden japanese dance episode was well received. :D
Sounds really interesting. Wonder what each of them will choose. lol
solari wrote:
^soudou! I just noticed your name is green! :o

Yeah heh, though I'm not keen on such responsibility, I'm helping out temporarily. :rofl:
いきなりダンス 選手権~!!
Gaki_160619_#1310_Own Way Dance Competition.zip
Thank you very much. But somehow i got bandwidth quota limit from mega ;(
thanks ernie
Thank you. :)
Thank you very much. :bow:
oplover wrote:
Thank you very much. But somehow i got bandwidth quota limit from mega ;(

It seems to be working fine now.

Thanks very much ErnieYoung. :bow:

I think they commented about how if Tanaka really was a girl then that top might not be appropriate. :tmi:

Man, Housei REALLY enjoyed Endo's Samba. :rofl:

I was kind of hoping Housei would get a non-Japanese dance for variety from the last dance contest. :doh: But it was funny them teasing his arm gesturing.

Hamada was surprisingly good at flamenco, he has the fiery passion for it I guess. :@

So it seems they don't get to see what the dances look like before they do them, they just have to go off memory or what they think the dance is like, or as in Matsumoto's case, what one of the staff think the dance is like. :D

Fun episode, hope it becomes a series, they did call it #1 so I guess they do plan on more.
Good episode. Loved Endo's dance in particular. :D
1-800-ZOM-BIES wrote:
Good episode. Loved Endo's dance in particular. :D

I did a little rough sub of that bit :rofl:

http://houseigifs.tumblr.com/post/14620 ... -from-gaki
Man, Endo's dance was amazing.