Episode #1281 2015.11.22 - Hamada Bamyu Bamyu song reveal

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
This week is the big reveal of Hamada Bamyu Bamyu's debut single, with the song to be played and the music video to be previewed on the episode. There will also be a little behind-the-scenes documentary of Hamada meeting with Nakata Yasutaka and Masuda Sebastian as they go through recording the song and shooting of the MV.
Yoshimoto Kogyo have just released a short PV on their YouTube account:
Also, it was just announced that Hamada Bamyu Bamyu would be making an appearence on the special music program 'Best Artist 2015' this Tuesday, which also will include Kyary Pamyu Pamyu making an appearence. Oh boy...
浜田ばみゅばみゅ - なんでやねんねん
Gaki_151122_#1281_Hamada Bamyu Bamyu - Nandeya Nen Nen.zip

Thank you!
Thanks Ernie! Definitely some of the funniest stuff on Gaki this year :rofl:

Really gotta respect Hamada for going along with this. And to think that he's even going to perform this song on NTV in a show called "Best Artist (of) 2015" :D Good thing it's so late in the year, otherwise he just might have to skip the batsu game this year and perform at Kouhaku.
Thanks a lot for this weeks episode :)
Thanks Ernie! :)
Don't find it on itunes. :(

edit: peoples who want the song: PM
What would we do without you, ErnieYoung. Thank you!

http://bit.ly/1XoCx6D (Dailymotion) MV & shooting
Thank you, andylau-fr!

Will anyone be recording/uploading his appearance on "Best Artists"?
Hamada performing live @ NTV Best Artist 2015

not my rip, grabbed from jpopsuki

https://mega.nz/#!nQAClKBD!zzvzoaeOYdkp ... YF_gocVo-I

Awesome, thank you, Stycki!