Episode #1280 2015.11.15 - Stroll and Meet in Komazawa

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
Another edition of 'Stroll to Meet Celebrities' where the gang go walking around a certain place and exploring until they find a celebrity, this time in Komazawa, a town in the Setagaya ward which has a population of 15, 609 according to a 2012 census.
Nandeya Nen Nen :lol:
徹底検証! 有名人に会うまでブラリし続けましょう!! 駒沢編
Gaki_151115_#1280_5th Stroll to Meet Celebrities.zip
Who is the man they found?
andylau-fr wrote:
Who is the man they found?

Sato Gajiro, a veteran actor who is also a sort of running gag in the No Laughing specials, particularly No Laughing Hotel where the guys tried to use a photo of his younger self to trap the others into laughing
Love it !

THis reminds me so much of GobuGobu !