Episode #1172 2013.09.22 - Yamazaki's Urban Rap Battle!

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
The Gaki crew have the phat beats and they're taking it to the streets! *sorry :lol: * plus a mini Kiki for the costume talk! Enjoy:


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And on Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x150kn ... _lifestyle (Thanks Soudou!)

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Nice episode (Yay! Yama-chan).
I read the synopsis for this episode on Friday and I was like "Oh man this will be hilariously awkward!", especially thinking back to when he had to rap during the Hospital Batsu, I wasn't disappointed :rofl:

The synopsis also said the "setup" he says at the start is something along the lines of being about how his side-gig as a rakugo (comic storyteller, where he sits by himself in front of an audience and tells funny stories) has expanded his vocabulary and ability to speak up, so he decides to put himself to the test with this rap battle inviting people to diss him. :D

Dang he sure sweated a lot bouncing about like that in the thunderous heat :lol:

Also d'aww at this freeze frame they chose, cute :)
Was that thunder going off? Thx for the ep link. :bow:

Matsumoto really became muscular! :lol:
He wasnt like this before.
Dearka wrote:
Was that thunder going off? Thx for the ep link. :bow:

Yeah, I think that's why they had to film inside a covered shopping district instead of out elsewhere. Before they start they showed some outdoor scenes of what the weather is like and the Kanji says "悪天候" which seems to mean stormy/rough weather. Dunno if it's related but this month there was a tropical storm called "Man-Yi" that hit Japan and caused severe weather conditions.

I could be wrong but I think they make some comment on how the thunder wasn't on his side since it was trying to interrupt him and drown out any successful rapping he might make. :rofl: From a TV summary:

Rough translation:
Although Hōsei was able to be quick-witted and make an agreeable rap, thunder rolled and interrupted him.
September is the typhoon period in Japan, it's very hot and insanely rainy. I'm pretty sure that's why they shot this in a covered shopping street ;)
ooh..It's been ages since the last Yamasaki challenge
It's so funny how the thunder answered Yamasaki at times.

lol Kiki starbucks
月亭方正がラップバトルに挑戦! & 松本 ききスターバックスに挑戦! (Matsumoto Kiki Starbucks)
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