Episode #1170 2013.09.08 - Nishikawa Kiyoshi Trial Part 3

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
Enough of these 2/3 parts episodes.. Especially when the cast is not the main character, I don't like when other people get involved in Gaki (except people like Suga or Heipo, I mean other comedian).
They should make special batsu game episode like sleeping pranks or challenges, that would be nice if they want to keep making several parts. Don't get me wrong, these episodes are always bad and boring, right?

Still I want to thank people who are always posting episodes every week :)
three episodes and hamada didn't hit him! :o
People he respects are actually rare :D
西川きよし しんどいわ裁判 (後編)
Gaki_130908_#1170_Nishikawa Kiyoshi Trial (3).zip
thanks :clap: