Ep #1144 13.03.03 Bikkuri (Surprised Face) Grand Prix Part 2

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown

In the same vein of Katamari Grand Prix (Part 1 & Part 2) and Faking Anger Grand Prix (3 Parts) episodes, here is the Bikkuri King Grand Prix Part 2!
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Part 3: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4654

Participants this episode:
Tsukaji Muga (Part of duo Drunk Dragon)
Gekidan Hitori (Actor and comedian)

Turns out this is a 3 parter! So Yamasaki (Tsukitei) and another participant will be in next weeks episode.
Gekidan was epic!

Possible translation for the scoring:
NBT - Nice Bikkuri Timing.
Expression (jaw dropping アゴハズレーナ & eye popping メダマトビデーノ).
Going weak/body reaction due to being so shocked 腰抜かし度.
How long they're surprised for ビックリミニッツ ("Bikkuri Minutes").
How well they kept it a secret that it was for candid camera 企画バレてない感 ("Bare" - to be found out).

To signify the end of their attempt they have to scream or shout something.

Google translate of episode content from Japanese TV guide with some grammar editing applied (not meant to be accurate of course but adds some details here and there):
Tsukaji targets partner Taku Suzuki. For Tsukaji his target comes late because they were watching a DVD so setup time is slow and Tsukaji takes to reading. With the occurance of an earthquake, theres a chance to look surprised, but Tsukaji does not take it which he received condemnation for from the rest of the cast.
Targets appeared. Tsukaji shows a look that imitates the surprised face Akiko Matsumoto has been doing for years when surprised.

Gekidan Hitori enters as a challenger. His target is Ryuhei Ueshima.
Ryuhei Ueshima talked about playing golf in Tochigi on New Year's Day. He boasted about golf, and so Gekidan ​​makes a surprised face for a long time. Ryuhei Ueshima points out, "What's that face".
The party is in full swing, Yamazaki passes a birthday present suddenly which is another cue for ​​a surprised face.
Then Yamazaki gives a surprise birthday cake to Gekidan which results in a surprised face that spans more than five minutes in the aftermath.
Comments focus on the aspect of "Keeping it well hidden it was for hidden camera", Gekidan says "I think that they did not find out it was for a project because we were talking of Viagra a lot".

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Eh?! Three parter? Come on guys...
I wanna see part three with yamazaki
grindorth wrote:
I wanna see part three with yamazaki

Same. :)
I actually got confused at first when I saw the cast list for this episode and Yamasaki wasn't on it, since I'd assumed it was going to be a 2 parter. Glad he wasn't left out after all. :D
Hey guys, all the download links are dead at the moment. Grrrrrrrrr ... I just got into this as well =@@@ lol

While we're on that page, I don't think I've checked for part 3 yet, but I'm pretty sure it may be down as well ...

Part 1 (subbed) is still available, but part 2 and 3 appear to be nowhere to be seen =[ Can somebody reupload some new links ???

Thanks very much =] I really want to see how this ends lol ...
Check out this thread http://gaki-no-tsukai.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=5811
Its got every episode there in order ;) as for subs on those though im not sure.
ビックリ顔王 グランプリ (中編)
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