Ep #1146 13.03.17 The Hamada Vegas Show Part 1

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown

Itao and his wife appear and present a new show format for the cast to try. The Gaki team must gamble Vegas style on which "Hamada" they think will win in each challenge (if they can bear to look at the "creepy/scary" faces as they put it). Its like if Planet of the Apes put on an Olympic event :lol:

Google translate from bits of a Japanese TV guide (not accurate of course but maybe adds some details here and there).
Itao Itsuji and wife appeared. It is proposed by Itao, I've been thinking of a new format for the program to be established even if no Hamada, Itao thinks Matsumoto et al should hurriedly record a program that he has thought of. Itsuji wears the mask of Hamada from a bag, Matsumoto commented "Why a Takashimaya ((Japanese department store chain)) bag?"

Itao explains the rules of the program. Who won the Hamada gold may 1st bet, use any number to ten to anticipate which Hamada will become # 1 in the challenge that will appear. Become "The King of Hamada" by winning gold on hand.

Out of four to bet on: Chibi Hamada, Chubby Hamada, Tall Hamada, Hamada's Otokomasari ((word literally meaning "male-surpasser,")), who will be # 1 to run 50 meters. Matsumoto et al has bet on each.
Otokomasari Hamada became the # 1 running 50 meters. Matsumoto won two Hamada gold and commented "そんんで嫁何もせぇへんからね!".
After this more intense Hamadas appeared one after another! !

Who is expected to win in the pairs of Hamada China and Hamada Japan, for the mixed doubles table tennis.
The result is that Hamada Japan won. Endo has won four Hamada gold.

In the three legged race who will be the #1 team out of Big Red Breasts, Big Blue Breasts, Big White Breasts and Big Purple Breasts. Matsumoto et al has bet on each.
After this commercial we continue our serious Hamada Big Breasts match! !

Hamada Big Breasts Blue became first place in the three legged race. Tanaka won four gold Hamada. Hamada commented "Ya have to fool me with with the whole guy weaving over there!".

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Again 2 parts, but after seeing next week preview I can't wait to Sunday.
Holy next level uncanny valley creepiness!
Noppo-Hamada and the Chinese team were simply perfect.

I haven't liked most of the "Itao presents", but this is hilarious.
Thanks, waiting for the second part :rofl:
Yamazaki Ichiban wrote:
Again 2 parts, but after seeing next week preview I can't wait to Sunday.

Yeah same. I'm curious how Yamasaki ends up battling what I assume is going to be Hamada-faced bugs (thats sure gonna be creepy). :rofl:

Youku link now added. Apparently JDownloader can grab a HD file (of sorts depending on the max res the uploader uses) from Youku which is downloaded as parts that can be joined very quickly with something like Andy's FLV Joiner. So I've uploaded that.
THE浜田ベガスSHOW (前編)
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