Episode #1096 2012.03.11 Batsu: Remote Controlled Yamasaki

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
Because of his poor performance during the 100 Questions Matsumoto episodes (part1, part2), Yamasaki has to endure this Batsu Game which requires him shout out Matsumotos name a total of 100 times wherever and whenever the director demands.



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Thanxxxxx a dozen hand will watch as soon as it's downloaded :rofl: :rock:
Funny episode ! I love the return of the mini-batsu ! Thanks ~ !
I like it when they do mini batsu this was fun
I like how he screams Mastumoto's name in such odd places sometimes nobody realized what their hearing :rofl: ... although I'd like to understand more than just visual will this be subbed at some point ;)

Yamasaki running through planted explosions while screaming Mastumoto and carrying that dummy was also quite funny!

Grabbing this now. Can't wait :)
That was so lame! Come on Yamasaki, do it properly. :(

He needs another batsu for not doing this one properly.
Mastumoto-san! :D :D

This needs to be subbed asap! :bow:
Sooooo EMBARRASSING !! :P :P :P I would definitely not do it !!
Just imagine yourself doing that in front of hundreds of people who will probably think you' crazy. specially with no camera by your side... neither a phone, you can pretend talking on the phone XD

Yamasaki pretended he was calling for someone in the street lol he thought it would look normal if he waived with his hand. :D :D :D

Anyway ! it was hillaaarious ! no need for subs XD But it would be great to know their comments while watching
Anyone with a HD source? :D
Hilarious episode!
Does anyone know what the song at 15:29 is? Can't make out the lyrics!!!
Thank you for the post... Good Episode!
Yamazaki deserves another batsu for the poor performance!