Annual Meeting 2011 in Shin Hiroshi Part 2 #1040(2011.01.30)

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown

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Part 4 73mb
(Note: you will have to Download all 4 parts to gain the Full Video and have them placed at the same place/folder, before you can extract them)

Full Video 373mb

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PW for rar: gakinotsukai


Part 1 #1039 viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2310

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If you are a Subber and made for this episode a sub (Hard or Soft) please get in touch with me and i will add it. Also of course the credits are going to you =)
Thanks as always Senkun.
i dont understand a thing but is enjoyable at some point :lol:
Thanks for the episode
which episode/date was the annual meeting 2010?
to be honest, i am not even sure if 2010 was one. Its the first time i have seen such event of them or i must have missed it.
But i am pretty sure that i have watched all episodes 2010
yes there was an epsidode.some scenes were shown at the beginning of Annual Meeting 2011 in Shin Hiroshi Part 1
Thank you^^