Any more sites with RAW videos of Gaki no Tsukai...

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
I went to videos/GEK and the post The Team Fight Episodes 01-20 (RAW) and found out that the author of the site did a good job with posting all the RAW files/links in the blogspot page he/she created and enjoyed seeing them in YouTube.

Are there any other links to seeing RAW files of videos (suitable websites/link to Youtube accounts) to contain Gaki no Tsukai or Team FIght (GEK) or even some Lincoln???? I would love to watch them over and over again

Any help is appreciated

Hav you tried waraimasu?
espen wrote:
Hav you tried waraimasu?

I really cant search for stuff on that site, cant use Japanese characters on keyboard.
THank you though
you can type in japanese using google tradutor, it's so much easier to search for things you want if you type in japanese.. if you want to type with your keyboard you can use IME pad, you just have to find a tutorial to help you... the sites I usually watch these videos are: youku, tudou, fc2, pandora, veoh, dailymotion and sometimes nico video
You should also try this site, which is more structured than waraimasu
Thanks for that, Saru. =)
Your blog is excellent - why haven't you posted after January of this year? is great! I love the explanation of the episodes. Thanks!