Batsu Games Sound Effect (by Shibatabread)

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Here are some .mp3 ringtones extracted from the Batsu Game series.

It includes the following:

--"Matsumoto OUT"
--"Matsumoto Thai Kick"
--"Hamada OUT"
--"Yamasaki OUT"
--"Itsuji Itao presents, Black Jack!"

Thanks to Shibatabread for making them.

-- Done.

Whoa!! The coolest thing i've ever heard!! This goes directly to my cellphone's favorite list!!

Thank you sooooooooo much!!! :D

Here are some "Konya ga yamada" sounds as well..

made by Scotty.VOR

RS Mirror:

Hahahaha!! The Konya ga Yamada ones are so funny... Waiting for the Shohei Heeeey!! ones... Hehehe :]

Thank you!

Ohh! =) this is cool, thanks!

the BLACK JACK one is my ringtone hahahaha

my new ringtone is... well you know which one :)

I really want the "Shohei-hey" sound. Could anyone procure this, please? :)

hey all.. i don't know whats the problem but i can't download the file off rapidshare...any helps?thanks

Try again another time. I couldn't get it yesterday, but just this morning I could download it.

Originally posted by Qurao
I really want the "Shohei-hey" sound. Could anyone procure this, please? :)

I think there's a download link for the "Shohei-hey" sound in ShibataBread's blog ( , on the right side of the page there's a list of links for the subtitles and the mp3 sounds, although i haven't tried the link yet. =)

It works! Thanks Shibata.

wow! thank you very much for these! I was laughing so hard while playing the sounds after I downloaded them. From now on I might laugh whenever someone calls or texts me.. :D