Episode #1093 2012.02.19 - Katamari Grand Prix 2/2

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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Hand, how do you do a multi-site upload now?
This series were great! Laughed so hard :rofl:
Great episode ! This is soo funny ! even without subs !! this "Freeze" grand prix idea was a success ;)
SpikeBender wrote:
Hand, how do you do a multi-site upload now?

I don't use any mirror creator sites if that's what you're asking.
Just one at a time?
omg lola was terrible other then that this episode was awesome
Lola is annoying as anything >< I hope she goes away soon.
Agreed. Her puffed up face thing is awful. She couldn't stop blinking ffs! :@
She was so bad at it, it was almost endearing....

I think they were far too harsh on Yamasaki. He competed by himself and still managed a three-hit combo! That is braggable.
when the show's producer sent her a text message,I was like wtf but then he called her out and scolded her for not doing it,and everything she did was all j-pop cute which it wasn't......and yamasaki getting a turd was hilarious
I did say almost endearing :P And Yamasaki being everyone's punching bag is always hilarious! I just loved the targets joining in
thanks for posting :)
Damn, Lola really sucked.
Well, she's not cut for that anyways.

Yamazaki never fails to deliver what he's great at.
Rola was the worst(but damn she was cute :inlove: ) Loved this episode, thanks! tanaka was the best imho :nod: