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A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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Here =>

It costs 350Y. I want it !!! T^T

Anyone have download it ? :)
Used Google Translate

Former manager of the downtown Huziwara Hiroshi "Auto ○ ○ ta-da" resounding voice! !
Surprisingly, more than 3,000 recorded last name last name! !

How to play a lot!
"Voice Mode" and "Roulette Mode" recorded? !
Companies from the scene until the party conference? !
Jaou voice playing out! !

[Application name]
And using a kid in downtown Arahen! Punishment Chicken Roulette Games

* Voice mode
(1) 10 participants (maximum) Select last name.
(2) You can choose to play from the inside out!

* Roulette Mode
(1) 10 participants (maximum) Select last name
(2) Determine the result of a roulette out!

Roulette mode is also full of irrational production! !
Using familiar characters are famous kids!
Also appeared as a character or bother you? ?

The people, "gaki no tsukai Punishment game" by all means! ! Please enjoy! !

Looks like a roulette game with the OUT chime and Fujiwara saying the name of the person out.
Not very hard to make as an app.
TV ad
I purchased it and to be honest, can't recommend it for the cost. It's functions extend only to what is shown in the above video. Essentially you select some names from a list, and they appear on a wheel, which you then spin. When the wheel stops, it plays the "OUT" chime, followed by Hiroshi announcing "(name) OUT!". The amount of recorded names is pretty impressive, but it is really not worth the price. I purchased it in the off-chance that it might have included a clean uninterrupted version of the OUT chime which I could then use as my text message tone, but even that fell short, as the chime used is a crappy synthesizer version of it, as can be heard in the above video.
Pretty cool actually.

I have an iTunes Japan store account, I could get it but I don't have a Japanese debit card, so I'd have to purchase a gift card and add funds. Which is around $30, so I dont think so haha :D
Just to point out. I bought this with a UK itunes account. Search for ダウンタウンのガキの使いやあらへんで チキチキ罰ゲームルーレット 大会~ It costs £1.79.

To be honest the price is a bit much but I got it just because I am a gaki fan. Its a shame that the very large list of names do not include any foreign ones and only purely japanese names.
*one year later*

I finally bought the app (android), and I can't use it ! The only thing I can do is uninstall it. Someone has the same problem ? Please help meee...
There seems to be another one of these featuring a running / jumping game with Heipo (Released: 2012/12/08). I don't have a phone that can play such things but randomnly came across this video of it and thought I'd share.

Same page as before for links to where you can get it on the Apple Store (I think it says Google Play is in development underneath the button or something) etc. EDIT: Oh there also seems to be a "live wallpaper" thing out now which is under the Heipo Run stuff. Shows tanaka getting a Thai Kick etc.
iTunes link to the "Heipo Run" game : ... 52592?mt=8
For android, there is another game from 24h batsu.
Btw - Heipo Run is free :)
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