used to smoke weed, nearly every day, stopped about a year ago. never touched cigarettes. Was it pure weed or weed mixed with tobacco? A part if you are a multi-millionaire rapper or you live in jamaica or colombie, you only smoke pure blunts of weed for greaaat occasions. I've never done it myself.
they are shooting each other using invisible tits.
This very pic is actually my backrground picture on my facebook profile.

I personally think that the previous episodes were a bit funnier, but this is still quite pleasing.

I'm downloading this bitch right now. THANK YOU.
I saw japanese movie Survive Styles 5+ last eveneing. It's like a Tarantino but in Japan. The story is kind of dumb but it's very very funny, and the esthetic and filming is good. It's one of the best, if yo liked Tarantino's movies you'll find yourself at esae with this one.
I do, started about december 2010 to smoke cigs. Smoked weed regularly since. Really got addicted about 3 months ago, i saw it because i realized i was on about 2 days per pack. So now i'm tryin to limit myself and progressivly stop. My bank accoutns got empty... I'm lucky not to ba a daily weed smo...
Well yeah, i prefer jailbreaking my iDevice, aside from the free apps wich really saved my day a couple of times, i just can't live without those tweaks like SBSettings, Activator, IntellisscreenX. You can very easily have a lot of fun just with free games on the AppStore, most of them are probably ...
First post was from 2010 guys. In the spy batsu he had to be carried by two american bodyguards when he had to go through stairs or long walks. But he's fine now. He can't run around for sure like he did 10 years ago. Remember he's 48 or 49 and not as fit as you/your parents might be..
I actually red that book before knowing about them, i guess i missed that page cause i think i would have remebered.
Awesoem book by the way, quite straight forward, not boring, pretty good entertainment
Yeah i started watching it some time ago
So it's not new actually. Damn, i guess i'll tray and watch it then ;)
Last week was the Asian Movie Festival in Deauville, France. Unfortualty i didn't make it there, but i checked it out on the website. A movie directed by Matsumoto ( but he doesn't appear ) was presented. It's Called " Saya Zamurai " It's about an old samurai Kanjuro Nomi, who decided to d...
I like the show, but i can't understand why they use voiceovers for the western reporters, i thought first that they jsut parodied US news but these actors are on stage with downtown as far as i can see, so why not just western actors who speak japanese ?
That is some serious shit right here people. Check it out.