Cool ! All we need are Subtitles now :D
No subs, but you can guess some of it.

I hope someone downloads it before it gets deleted.

azuura wrote:
Thanks for sharing the links! Always nice to see Higashino.

This user has some gobugobu episodes up on youtube. I'm downloading them just in case.

Thanks azura ! i'll check it out before its deleted for copyrights
Hamada and Higashino walk around town, and stop at a restaurant. They randomly pick chopsticks with meal names on them : m the show is called: ごぶごぶ , it translates to "evenly matches" or "fifty fifty". Its a fun to see hamada and higashino in a different environment other than a ...
haha, now I wanna know what Fujiwara said to hamada.

I like how they have been involving LICENSE lately. They usually use them whether as hosts or secondary comedians on the side. more license ! :D :D :D
Dunno if it'll help at all with translating these episodes, but I stumbled across this blog today that seemed to of wrote down an outline of what was said. Tanaka: m Fujiwara (License): m Imoto Takashi (Inomoto Takafumi) (License): m Endo: m YamasakI: m Matsumoto: m Great find ! hope this gets subb...
Anyone has a May 2013 update Roundup?

Thanks Soudou for the recent links!
haha ! you bet he made some apologies !
Thank you for the subs Godzilla!

Also, thanks for uploading it in a properly watchable quality ! :D :D
Great Job GodzillaRadio !

Thank you for Subbing this show for us ! I always wanted to watch Moya Moya Summers with subs, it looked fun.

Keep up the good work GodzillaRadio ! we very much appreciate your efforts!
Thank you again for the link ! and the Rip uploads.!

It war wierd that Gekidan Hitori's face was blurred half the show . haha !
amazing GrandPrix as always !! I am obviously dying to know why the overseas Employee started crying at the end ! Almost immediately! I am dying to know. But there's something I've noticed about these GransPrix pranks, the victims do not take it easily.. After all, what they though was a casual dinn...
a million thanks to you HAND ! we are all more than glad you could bring us our missing 2012 HD episodes !