What are your favorite Games or also Apps on your Device? I use Samsung Galaxy S, unlocked and branding removed, Android Gingerbrad 2.3.3 After trying many Apps and Games finally I've got not much Games on it, just some small ones like Tetris and "Bubble removing"-games for boring in-betwe...
I'm waiting for Diablo 3 (call me oldfashioned :P )
inguanzo wrote:
how can i see the videos ?

Just DL it from the appropriate link(s) and have fun. Many people use VLC-player to watch.
Tervetuloa omituisten ihmisten kerhoon. Mukava huomata, että muitakin suomalaisia kiinnostaa laadukas viihde. Same in english = welcome. Did not know that our heros are suomis "Welcome to the weird people's club. Nice to see that others are interested in Finnish high-quality entertainment"...
Not really a movie - but I like it so much - and I've done a watching marathon - season 1 and 2 on DVD, before 4th season starts here in german speaking countrys.


Its very unusual to see this type of intelligent jokes in a TV series - and its so hilarious.
I don't know what show it is from:

Hmm, I'd better look out first - it's already posted by autopolyploid :bow:
In January 2010 I posted a YT-Link at http://www.gaki-no-tsukai.com/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=875 It was a scene of an old skit where Tanaka with some Guys comes into a bar. Matsumoto as barkeeper then begins to give him a bl...job. The vid was deleted a little while afterwards. I got no copy of it. ...
5/8erl in Ehr´n

No order - not complete, just what I've got in mind reading the topic
uTorrent works fine for me, with build-in optimization, depending Peers I normally got speed between 600 and 900 kB/s

Anyway, thx for your information
Hi Rochi, greetings from Austria, I love your pic - batmanning - yeah baby :rofl:

And have fun exploring the site!
Here my MF-Backup, incl. subs (credits to outlaws0023), 3 files, have fun:

Selamat Datang ke GnT :D
Welcome from Austria.

And no, I'm not malay, I've been married to an indionesian woman :rock:
@ SpikeBender :

LOL - yes.... - fast, violent, muddy, no choreography - done by nice old ladys
And not to forget the historical and educational issues :rofl: :rofl:

HITGIRLs fight at the narrow library - fast, violent, bloody, good choreography - done by a nice little girl
And not to forget the cheerful music :rock:
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